Estela has just been open for a few weeks located at 47 East Houston Street.  It has been so hot outside so I did not eat a full meal. We just split a bunch of appetizers.  Not a question I am returning for the full on meal this fall. 

The restaurant is located on the second floor with big windows over looking Houston.  Banquettes along the walls, a long bar and cement block walls.  Simple with a neighborhood vibe.  We had four appetizers.  Not a lot but worth sharing. 

Raw scallops layered with thin sliced pieces of tangerine.  The citrus flavor was delicious.  Clean and crisp.

The special ( I tried three times and continued to have a blurry photo ) also had a nice citrus flavor.  Marinated artic char underneath thin slices of some kind of fruit.  It looks like yellow squash but it isn't. 


Poached egg with gigante beans and shaved cured tuna over the top sitting in a light broth.  Delicious.

The food was delicious.  A short and sweet tasting at Estela with a foodie friend. 

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  1. awaldstein

    you are my downtown restaurant maven.eating at charlie bird tomorrow!

    1. Gotham Gal

      Really enjoyed charlie bird. Report back

  2. CCjudy

    I like those choices of food – attractive and healthy and creative — and deliciousJ