Fancy Food Show

Going to the Fancy Food Show is always a fun activity.  Seeing all the old and new products.  Seeing how companies have grown over the past year or not.   This year the place was packed.  I did a lot of aisles and tasted a lot of items.  Here are just a few of the highlights and many of them are from NY.

Of course, Ricks Picks.  Bigger booth with an ipad full of appetizer ideas and a butcher block to show off our wares and awards. 

Hampton Popcorn.  Buckets to taste.

Spoonable delights.

Kombucha out of Brooklyn.

Jomart Chocolates.  Lots of different kinds.

Kings country
Gotta love Kings County jerky.

Morris Kitchen syrups.

Smoked salmon. 

Brewla, Wall Street Journal start-up that I am going to speak with.  Delicious flavored ice pops.

Common Goods.  Not food but they were on a shelf and I bumped into the owner and sales person who I know.  They smell amazing.

Danielle fruit chips.  I really liked these. 

Liddabits…look how they have grown!

Goodie Girl.  Gluten-free cookies that are quite tasty.

Jenis ice cream.  Jeni was there which was a treat.  The ice cream sandwiches are insanely good.

Siis caramel sweets.  Love the packaging and the taste is pretty awesome too.

I am a huge sucker for peanut brittle from poco dolce.

I am a Hi-Chew lover after being in Japan.

There is more but those were my highlights.




Comments (Archived):

  1. patrickdh

    Great Update! Pity you missed out on the Wine from Cyprus - – I’m sure that the sheer offer must have been overwhelming .

    1. Gotham Gal

      Beyond overwhelming

      1. patrickdh

        Looked like it, and it appears that being so close to 4th of July didn’t affect attendance

        1. Gotham Gal

          absolutely not

  2. aminTorres

    This looks like it must have been a ton of fun.we use common good at home actually, the founder is friends with my wife… let me know if you ever need someone to hold bags hehe.

    1. Gotham Gal

      Im definitely ordering the products.

  3. LE

    One thing the packaged smoke salmon people haven’t done yet is offer single serving. I would like to see that. Same with herring.Separately Wawa has single serving pickles they are selling in the cold case. Rick should offer that as well as mini packages.

  4. LE

    Looks like has redone packaging which is good. One thing I would add is a “made in nyc” small cert type label or at least test that out. I think it will be a positive.

  5. JLM

    .Great stuff. Great pics. Well played.JLM.

  6. takingpitches

    Cherry, pomegranate, red tea for me, please.Many of these companies need to be on CircleUp!

    1. Gotham Gal

      Yes they do

  7. William Mougayar

    That’s a great show. I know some chefs go there to spot the trends.

  8. Aaron Colman

    I was sad to miss this and it’s funny that Jeni was there because we were in Nashville that weekend, mainly eating all the ice-cream Jeni had on offer. And yeap, also agree that Liddabit have grown up so much although i think their beer pretzel candies have gotten smaller for more money.