Internet Week Panel

I was on a panel with Bre Pretis from Makerbot and Daniel Rabuzzi from MOUSE during Internet Week this past spring.  I was just sent the video.  We talked about MOUSE, reforming schools and teaching technology. The panel was called Creating Future Innovators.

Here it is:

Comments (Archived):

  1. awaldstein

    I’ll cue up for later.I’m all about monetization and making money. I so disdain the push advertising that I have to deal with with 90% of the videos on the web.Such a great way of communications through streamed rich media. So 1950s a way to subject us to what we don’t want to see.This is a kvetch without a solution. Unlike me, just annoys.

    1. Gotham Gal

      I happen to agree

    2. LE

      “This is a kvetch without a solution.”Not only that but it creates a negative for the advertiser who is being so annoying holding up inpatient viewers.One solution is that it’s better to have either a large bug at the bottom or even superimpose something for the entire video more or less a “brought to you by” type think like they did back in the soap days.Some of these pre-rolls are funny when juxtaposed against the video. I’ve seen NYDN videos of tragedy prerolled by some happy A&P supermarket commercial.

  2. LE

    Never heard of mouse before this.So I took a look at and looked at the annual report pdf.It would be a good idea for them to incorporate the “impact” info from the pdf front and center on the home page.The impact doesn’t jump out at you from the most obvious place that people will visit (most won’t look further than the homepage for an overview).On the attached graphic I’ve used arrows to indicate information that should be highlighted on the home page.

    1. Susan

      LE, I am on the team at MOUSE and very much appreciate your great suggestions about making our impact more prominent on our home page. Thanks for looking for more info about MOUSE and your very helpful suggestions.Joanne, huge thanks for being on this panel with Bre and Daniel during Internet Week, and all your incredible support and dedication to MOUSE since the very beginning!