To Own Your Own Accomplishments

PatI was on a panel about a month ago and was talking with Whitney Johnson before I went on.  We were discussing the 40 Women to Watch over 40 that Whitney worked on with Christina Vuleta.  Whitney had nominated me for the list (and I am honored to be on it) and said that there was not much out there about me as I was not a big self promoter.  What she said to me right before I got on the panel was "it is important to own your own accomplishments."  It stuck. 

Not sure if that is a woman thing or just something that comes along with me.  I have never been great at owning my own accomplishments although I would give a young entrepreneur the exact advice that Whitney gave me.  It is important to toot your own horn as well as acknowledge and learn from your mistakes.  I am well aware of my lack of bravado when it comes to my own personal accomplishments.  Most people would probably think that is utterly ridiculous as from afar is seems as I should be tooting my horn daily.  This all goes under the heading, you know never what goes on in someones head.

I met a woman awhile ago and we discussed her career path.  She turned the tables on me asking me about mine.  She prodded me and pretty much poked fun of me in regards to not owning my own accomplishments.  There are a variety of reasons why I have not been great at that.  For any entrepreneur who has an issue with that I recommend that the first thing they do is work with a coach so I took my own advice and started to speak to someone. 

I have not learned anything new about myself (as you always know the inner reality) but I have learned how to look at things differently and think clearer about patting myself on the back.  I love what Whitney said.  Thinking I should make a big sign and hang it up in my office next to the other two posters that I have which say "get shit done" and "make mistakes".   Own your own accomplishments sits right up there on how to live your life. 

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  1. JLM

    .I will have to take the “under” on this one, GG.You are doing just fine. You are not a shy and retiring willow in a field of oaks. You are a pecan tree — bit nutty but very savory when burned just right. Be the special tree in the forest of oaks.I get a bit tired of folks who incessantly blow their own horns. I want everyone to know which end of the trombone to put in their mouths, but I get so tired of hearing their single note.Let your accomplishments be your symphony and on that note, you are doing just fine, Mooooozart.Your biggest accomplishment will always be your family and on that score you seem to be a Super Bowl performer. It is a great accomplishment and one that no man can ever match.Of course, with stellar Freddie lighting up your firmament perhaps you do have to throw a few elbows to be able to get some space. Just joshing. I am his second best fan.If you are accomplishing things for the right reasons, then your accomplishments will be known to those who really matter.Take chances, embrace stances, suffer the consequences and do the right thing. Never complain, never explain. Screw the world.JLM.

    1. Gotham Gal

      appreciate the kind words.

  2. Christina V

    Love this! A strange coincidence, I wrote a post today about bragging too…to “brag” for possibilities rather than strictly recognition…but I love this perspective…own your accomplishments …and brag about your failures too – it helps others!

  3. Laura Yecies

    I think you actually do pretty well on this – you talk humbly but clearly about many of your accomplishments on the blog which is great. In fact I think blogging is a great forcing function for women to talk about their accomplishments.

    1. Gotham Gal

      writing is sometimes easier than speaking

      1. TanyaMonteiro

        but as you said, its that internal dialogue that counts most. Once again your honesty and openness inspires!