Uncle Boons

Uncle Boons is following the innovative trends in Asian food like Mission Chinese Food but this is Thai.  I actually like this place much better. The restaurant feels like a very groovy decked out 60's basement without the shag carpet.  I love it.  There are a few rooms.  The first room has a few high tables and a bar, the second room has a bunch of seating and there is a back room too but I never went back to take a peek. 

We sat down at the bar to wait for our table.  There are more than a handful of wines on tap so they can serve pitchers which is a very cool idea.  We each had a drink.  I ordered a glass of rose, recommended by the bartender, and I really liked that the glass it was served in was super cold.  Perfect for Thai food. 

Needless to say seeing the rotisserie at the end of the one one side and a grilling station on the other got me very excited.  Old school with new school. 

When I read the menu I thought how bummed I was that we weren't with more people because I could have tried almost everything on the menu.  It was just Fred and me and although we could have just gone crazy we decided next time to return with a crew.

We started with the green mango avocado salad mixed with shallots, crispy dried squid, crushed peanuts and lots of lime and chili.  Honestly the salad was perfect.  An incredible mixture of flavors with just enough heat.  Each flavor just stood alone but together perfect harmony.  I could not stop eating it.

We wanted to try one thing from the grill and went for the large prawns.  Juicy and delicious.

There are a bunch of curries to pick from but we chose the golden curry.  One chicken leg where the meat just falls off the bone with pickled mustard greens and egg noodles sitting in a golden coconut scumptious curry.  I fried chips on top were hard to stop eating.

After watching the cabbage heads on the rotisserie it was a must order. This is the one thing I did not love because it was so spicy that I had a hard time eating it.  Half a head of red cabbage covered in a roasted chile sauce with dried shrimp and shallots.

The rotisserie chicken was served wtih a few dipping sauces and sticky rice on the side.  The rice was a tad dry but I liked the chicken.

All and all loved the meal and the place.  Definitely returning as I want to try all the other curries!