What I got in the mail this week

I am beginning to make my way into a summer state of mind.  That means I will be living at the beach instead of living in the city.  It takes some time to adjust but the thought is by the end of August the biggest daily accomplishment I will make is walking down to the beach.  No doubt I am beyond lucky to be able to do this and that movement from city to beach cleanses the mind like no other.  I still do work but not at the pace I have been moving out the last few months. 

There is a bag sitting next to my desk that I continue to fill up so I do not forget to bring it with me.  A new brand of suntan lotions, Bon Appetits August issue, a body wash, granola that I hauled back from Sun Valley and the goodies I got in the mail this week.

The quarterly
I love the concept of the Quarterly Co.  I have written about them before.  Every quarter you get a new treat in the mail from the curated group/people that they you have chosen.  As someone said to me this week, it is fun to get something in the mail the old fashioned way.  No doubt.  No surprising I chose Food52 to get a gift from every quarter.  This quarter I got a lemon olive oil, an insanely delicious salt and a coaster/platter from a tree.  I am tossing all of this in the every growing beach bag.

Greenmarket to gotham
The other thing I received was The Gotham Bar and Grill, Greenmarket to Gotham recipe journal.  36 farm produce recipes by Chef Alfred Portale.  I have been eating at the Gotham Bar and Grill since it opened in 1984.  Not in a million years could I figure out how many times I have eaten there.  Fred and I used to stop by and eat at the bar when we lived in that neighborhood.  Always good, always beautifully presented and always great customer service.  I like the journal that they put out.  Clever way to put out something seasonally vs a new cookbook.  The food at the Gotham is always seasonal too.

Maybe if I am lucky I will get another treat in the mail before I head out of town to toss in the beach bag. 

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Comments (Archived):

  1. awaldstein

    i envy you your beach time this year. Have fun.We are heads down but will take a long weekend in Tulum just once.The closest we are coming to the Hamptons this year is a Beach Pack we made for people who are obsessed with greens to get delivered on Friday mornings!

  2. Scentabulous

    JoAnne … Enjoy every moment. Please do report in on any reading you do – Your book recommendations are always the best! Have a great time! Scentabulous

  3. Anthony Serina

    Hamptons is the best! That is the bottom line. You know it and I know it. Spent last week out there but startup life no longer lets me spend a lot of time out there like I use to. Can’t wait to get back next summer.

  4. denmeade

    I second the comment about reading recommendations. I keep an eye on your ‘books of the moment’. I recently picked up (and enjoyed) ‘The Interestings’. Hope you have a lovely summer break.

  5. Cynthia Schames

    They’re curating those picks beautifully!Definitely envious of your beach time 🙂 have an amazing month!