Box Story

We had our annual summer event at the Stephen Talk House to watch the Box Story.  I have basically been following the leader of the band, Noah Chenfeld, for easily more than a decade.  I remember when they finally decided on the name, The Box Story.  Did I mention that Noah is 17? 

There is something about watching your friends kids grow up.  To see each of them grow into adulthood and become their own person is a unique experience.  It isn’t as if you are buddies with each kid but you know them for so long and you have your own relationship with them. 

Noah could rap like no other when he was six.  It is a true skill.  I remembe being in a long car ride with him, Josh and their other side kick Max.  We would toss out random topics and Noah would go into long raps and Max would chime in.  Most people, myself included, can rarely think so quickly off the top of their head.  Many times I think to myself, if I had only said this.

He continues to find his music genre but again he is only 17.  He has a great voice and obviously loves what he does.  He feels incredibly comfortable on the stage which is a talent in itself.  I have been watching for years and will continue to watch.  Looking forward to the next decade (or so). 


Here is a video they shot that is probably their most catchy tune.  Did I mention that some of this was shot in our basement?