LongHouse Reserve Gardens, East Hampton

There are a variety of things to do on the Eastern end of Long Island yet I never seem to do them.  Good news is my friend bought a group of tickets for us to all go on a tour of the LongHouse Reserve Gardens.  She has gone on a few trips with the man who is the Executive Director of the organization. 

The story of how the gardens began is one that people say to themselves, wow I wish I had done that.  Around 1970, Jack Lenor Larsen, purchased 20 acres of land that is now called the LongHouse Reserve Gardens.  Over time he created a non-profit organization around the grounds and created these awesome gardens. 

The gardens are filled with sculptures.  It is insanely beautiful. 

Here is some of the photos that I captured.  Trust me, my photos do not do this beautiful oasis justice.

There were 5-6 of these statues around this round grass structure that looked like the final high bump at a putt-putt facility.

There were a few pieces wrapped around a few trees that were made out of safety pins by the artist Tamiko Kawata.

Chinese contemporary warriors in the rock garden by Yue Minjun.

Sculpture by Sol LeWitt

Peace by Yoko Ono. 

This incredible black mirror reflecting pool with a cross in the middle that the water runs through.  There are black and white fiberglass shapes around this area by Jack Youngerman.

The tree with legs made me laugh.  Yoan Capote.

We toured Larsons house after the gardens.  This view is from his balcony that looked over the lily pond. 

I found the house depressing and cold.  Filled with tons of art but not a place I can imagine living in.  Kind of a letdown.  If you can definitely go see the gardens.  They are magnificent.  Pass on the house. 




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