Sylvia’s Table Cookbook

In full transparency LIz Neumark is a good friend of mine who I absolutely adore but putting all of that aside I absolutely LOVE this cookbook. 

The cookbook not only educates the reader and supports the Sylvia Center but the recipes are fantastic.  Liz takes fresh seasonal ingredients and mixes them up with creative simple recipes.  It is exactly how I like to cook and eat.  Nothing is too complicated and each recipe is better than the next.  I am thinking about how many of them I can make in the next month. 

Liz started out her career with this vision of being a photographer.  She started to cater to put cash in her pocket.  Fast forward, she is one of the top caterers in the country.  All the photographs in the book were taken by Liz.  She always has camera in pocket or purse. 

Sylvia is Liz's youngest daughter who died suddenly at a very young age and this book captures the beauty of The Sylvia Center  that Liz began in memory of her daughter.  The mission is to introduce children to the pleasures and benefits of healthful food.  This beautiful cookbook does just that and we all now get to experience those recipes. 

Sylvia's Table celebrates food, family, health and life.  I highly recommend picking up this book. 

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  1. Anthony Serina

    Simple recipes are the best when you have fresh food. A little salt, pepper, and extra virgin olive oil sometimes is the best way to prepare a dish.

    1. Gotham Gal


  2. Sunchowder

    Just beautiful such a tender tribute to her daughter too.