A long day in Copenhagen

It was raining like crazy when I woke up with lighting and the works.  Emily was attempting to make her way to me for breakfast at the hotel.  She brought along her stuff to stay with me through the trip.  Not a fun morning.  She was soaked. 

We started at the National Gallery of Denmark where she had gone on a class trip.  One thing that is cool about this program is that each class takes interactive trips through out the city and even around Europe as part of the studies.  The exhibit we came to see was Flowers and World Views.  Some beautiful books with flower drawings from the 1600's.  This wall kind of captured the entire exhibit.

Museum back
What is awesome about the building is that the first building that you walk through has basically been cleaned up but is old and they have extended an entire wing on the back end which is entirely new including the architecture.  They did not even touch the old building but just extended on to it creating an atrium in the middle. 

You really get a feel for it from this angle.

As we travel and go to the local National Galleries it is interesting to note that many of the artists that are displayed are ones that are not household names, at least across the globe but perhaps are in Denmark.  I enjoy seeing the influences from across the globe at each different decade. 

The rooms are large and well curated.  I love the small sitting benches.

I particularly liked this piece.  This chandalier hung above the conference table at the Hotel Majestic in Paris when the 1973 peace treaty between Vietnam and the US took place.  The artist, Danh Vo, was four when his family fled Vietnam and ended up in Denmark. 

Afterward we walked around the corner to a large street where on the right are the shops and on the left are small rows of homes almost like a mews.  Each house has a front yard and they share the inner street with their neighbors for walking, no cars.  Walking past those homes are the lakes.  Beautiful.

We had lunch at Aamans cafe.  They have a fancier restaurant next door to the cafe.  We opted for casual.  They have amazing Smorrebrod which are open faced sandwiches.  These were so good.  Chicken curry with crispy pieces of bacon, boiled smoked ham with pea shoots and pickled carrots, crispy roasted mackerel with a tomato compote and green tomatoes and goat cheese with honey, tarragon and thinly sliced radishes.  We split them all and finished them too.

Emily had to get to a class and I had to take a nap.  We met up later in the afternoon to take a trip to the Louisiana Musuem. 

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  1. Sunchowder

    I love taking trips with you 🙂

    1. Gotham Gal


  2. Alexander Ainslie (@AAinslie)

    If you and Fred have time before you leave Copenhagen, ping my friend Max Niederhofer / @maxniederhofer – [email protected] (Partner at Sunstone Capital, ex-Accel & Atlas VC and all round nice guy). Tell him I, “Sasha”, sent you.

  3. Jill Stern

    Joanne,Last time you went to Copenhagen you posted about a bike lock that they use there. Anyway you can buy one to show me and I will pay you back? Anything else interesting there??? Have fun! Enjoy! Best, Jill

  4. Ag

    It seems like at least 2 of your kids are into art and may be pursuing it as a profession. Did you ever try to steer them away from art towards a field that generally yields a more lucrative income? I was recently talking with my mom about a family fiend, whose son wanted to work in the film industry. Tthey told him, “not on our dime. You won’t be another trust fund baby.” I’m not in the least bit suggeting yours are (seems quite to the contrary), but I’d love your thoughts on this generally bc I myself am not sure how I feel about it. On a more related note, I love the way you travel.

    1. Gotham Gal

      Let ur kids pursue what they love. They will figure it out over time