Hot Bread Kitchen using Crowdrise for a Woman Bake Bread Scholarship

I am honored to be the Chairperson of Hot Bread Kitchen.  HBK is the brainchild of Jessamyn Waldman Rodriguez.  We are a non-profit organization that supports immigrant women by not only teaching them to bake breads from their own countries but we also provide professional development and that can start with learning English to writing a business plan. 

I am inspired by the women who work at HBK and graduate from our program.  Not only are we giving them an opportunity to learn but we are providing them jobs and a community to connect to.  That feeling of empowerment returns to their homes every night as they are the next generation of Americans teaching their children what it means to work hard, bring home a paycheck and be part of a community. 

We decided to raise scholarships for 17 women at HBK and we would use Crowdrise to do it.  An organization that raises a lot of money for great causes. 

Each week there will be opportunities to bid on a variety of fun activities.  I will keep a widget up on my blog for everyone to check out the latest and greatest each week.  We are hoping to raise $100K in total. 

Please check it out and let the donating begin.