Second day and last day in Paris

In the morning Fred and I ventured out to look at a few
things while Emily slept.  We got
together at one of our all time favorite lunch spots, Cuisine de Bar.  They have actually just opened up a second on
in the Marais.  We had walked by it the
day before.  Same concept but we stuck
with the old school.  I love this
place.  They start you off with a green
salad mixed with country mustard sauce. 

The menu is just tartines. 
Large slices of bread from Poillane bakery ( because it is their
restaurant ) that are toasted in wall broilers. 
That is their only oven.  I had one with
roasted tomatoes slathered across the top and then topped with goat cheese,
coppa and a few pieces of basil.  Then
that is stuck under the broiler for a few second until the coppa gets crispy
and the cheese melts.  It is just

It was a top ten day when it came to the weather so we just
walked.  We left the left bank and took
one of the bridges where no cars go over to the right bank.  Couples have been putting locks on the
bridges forever to seal their love but over the years they take them off.  Not sure what happened but they stopped doing
it.  I can not even imagine where there
is space for another lock.  They even
sell the locks on the bridge now.  Not as
charming as it used to be.

We strolled around the Palais Royale which is still under
construction.  I am sure that the stores
and restaurants surrounding the park will cheer when they finish.  We continued over to St. Honore and had a
coke light at one of the cafes we always stop at.  Of course a trip to Colette to see the latest
and greatest.  Then back to the
hotel.  These statues are part of an
installation in the Place Vendome.  Very

Back to the room for a little nap before a late dinner. 

We were going to check out Bones last night but they could
not make a shift for another person.  No
worries we returned to Bistro Paul Bert where we had been before.  It is as good as I remember.

We got there at 10 but they were running late and could not seat us so
quickly.  They honestly could not have
been nicer.  They sat us at the bar,
where there was only 3 seats, the second the people had got up from
before.  The bartender, who also runs the
place, gave us each a glass of wine on him. 
Then he allowed us to choose what we wanted to eat so by the time we sat
down our food would come out. 

Fred and I had the tomato salad.  Just the last taste of summer.  Sprinkled with olive oil and chopped fresh

Emily had the same thing I had the night before.  Just a little different in execution.  Mushrooms, crispy coppa and a soft egg.  I might have to make it for dinner one night.

For a main course Em went with the steak tartare.  I am a huge fan and this was delicious.  Scoop this up with some of the baguettes from
the table you really can not go wrong.

Fred had a cote de bouef with a peppery creamy wine sauce
sprinkled with chopped herbs. 

I went with the chicken. 
Poached chicken served with a white wine cream sauce.  I am pretty sure that each of us almost
licked our plates clean.

For dessert we each got something.  At Paul Bert there is one price for three
things; appetizer, main and dessert so we went for it.  Emily ordered the chocolate fondant.  An intense rich brownie sitting in a vanilla
cream sauce. 

I had the Patisserie Brest which I actually have made before
in a pastry class I took.  This is a
classic French dessert.  Puffed pastry
baked in a circle and then stuffed with a hazelnut cream

Of course, the cheese plate. 
It was huge.  We couldn’t even
make a dent but we did try each one.

A quick trip but a great trip.  Paris, next to NYC, is definitely my favorite
city in the world.

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  1. awaldstein

    Paris and New York…my favorite cities as well.Navigable by foot, neighborhood rich, people as the main attraction.BTW–Veleb their bike share is great and the first one I ever used.

    1. Gotham Gal

      us too. fred and josh loved the veleb.

  2. Brandon Burns


    1. Gotham Gal


  3. Ag

    So great to learn about new places, but what is most strikingt to me about your vacations is how you and your family take the opportunity to spend quality time together, and seem to enjoy each others company. #blessed

    1. Gotham Gal

      very blessed.

  4. pointsnfigures

    Did you make it to Mecca (Hermes)? Couldn’t get my girls out of there.

    1. Gotham Gal

      Ha. Not my thing

  5. William Mougayar

    I love Poilane’s bread, brought it home twice and froze it.You noticed the options on the beef don’t include well done. The last option is “badly done”.