10 years as the Gotham Gal

Who would have thought when Fred and I conceived the name Gotham Gal that it would transform my next ten years. 

I started blogging because I was looking for my next career move.  I wanted something I could own myself with the hope that perhaps it would turn in to something.  I also wanted to keep connected to the tech community after it imploded.  I had made a choice to get off the career train for awhile and be a full time Mom but didn't want to lose complete touch.  I also wanted to do something that would fill the hours when the kids were in school.  I would write about restaurants, recipes, music, raising kids, politics, musings, life.  Truth is I have managed to keep that thread going for ten years.

I honestly remember standing in our kitchen with a yoga mat strapped to my back talking to someone who I am invested in now talking about different business directions I could take.  This blog connected with people who began to send me emails for advice, to have coffee, to send me their business plans and before I knew it I was an angel investor. It changed everything. This blog gave me the foundation to evolve on a new road of life.  It has been transformative.  Posting something every day has forced me to think at a different level. 

I put together a list of what I accomplished over the past decade.  Makes me realize what ten years can do. 

Invested in 40 companies, 4 restauranteurs, co-founded the Womens Entrepreneur Festival (going on our 4th year), moved 2 times, lived through 2 floods, built 4 homes, built an office, read 290 books, raised 3 kids, built an art collection and baked a lot of chocolate chip cookies. 

The last ten years have been amazing.  I am so fortunate to have met the people I have met, the friends that I have made and the entrepreneurs that I have allowed me to be involved and invest in their businesses.  I can't help but think about what is next.  I am spending a lot of time thinking about the next ten years.  Fred and I will be entering the world of being an empty nester.   I will have the opportunity to spend more time doing what I love which is being engaged, challenged, spending time with the family and friends and of course eating good food. 

My kids and of course Fred have been the backbone of these last ten years and with out them I would absolutely not be where I am today.  Thanks to everyone who has checked in to read, participate and help me become The Gotham Gal. 

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  1. Carol Sacks

    Congratulations! What a difference you’ve made and what a role model, you’ve become.

    1. Gotham Gal

      thanks Carol.

  2. William Mougayar

    Congratulations!That’s a big achievement, but what’s even bigger is that you have blogged regularly. Having a blog, and blogging daily/regularly are miles apart in terms of commitment and difficulty.Connecting with your readers is an amazing reward, and it becomes like a drug. A good drug 🙂

    1. Gotham Gal

      I like that concept. It is definitely a very good drug.

  3. Manya

    Huge Mazel Tov, Gotham Gal. Thank you for all that you are and all that you do. It should be a great next ten years for you and your family.

  4. lynnerae

    And we will look forward to what your next ten years bring, Joanne — I so enjoy reading you every day!

    1. Gotham Gal

      Appreciate you returning every day.

  5. fredwilson

    And it is your birthday too! This blog is your birthday present to yourself

  6. SallyBroom

    Go Gotham Gal! Here’s to the next 10, and then the next 10…Thanks for all the inspiration and encouragement you’ve given to entrepreneurs and innovators the world over for the last decade. You really tell it like it is.

  7. pointsnfigures

    Congratulations. Homemade cronuts….

  8. Aaron Colman

    Congrats! Here’s to the next 10. I wonder how many books you would have reviewed for me by then 🙂

  9. Gary Chou

    Happy Birthday, Joanne! What an epic past 10 years. Looking forward to seeing the next 10!

  10. David Noël

    Ah-mazing. Congratulations, Joanne.

  11. Lisa Abeyta

    Happy Birthday – to you and to Gotham Gal. Your posts inspired me to think it was possible to think bigger, be braver and embrace the entirety of what I bring to the table as a mom, wife, friend, and woman entrepreneur. May the next 10 years of your life be just a fulfilling and rewarding.

    1. Gotham Gal

      Than Lisa. That really means a lot

  12. JimHirshfield

    Mazel tov. Keep it coming. And Happy Birthday!

  13. kirklove


  14. irisheyes

    Congrats, Joanne! Your blog is one of my favorite morning rituals.

  15. Tracey Jackson

    Congats! A decade well lived. Happy Birthday!

  16. Lisa Mogull

    Mazel Tov!You are an inspiration and role mode in so many ways.Thank you for sharing so much with so many.

  17. panterosa,

    Congratulations! A daily practice is mastery. Keep the women’s voice strong, as you have – it’s important for women of all ages and stages of life.

  18. Craig Kanarick

    Awesome. Happy Birthday.

  19. mwilkotz

    Congratulations and thank you! Your blog, insights and experience are a gift to all of us, as well as an inspiration. And happy birthday!

  20. WA

    Congratulations, Happy Birthday, and thanks for the past 10 incredibly consistent years!

  21. awaldstein

    Congrats and happy bday!

  22. Jill Stern

    daily reading for me! thanks so much and happy birthday!

  23. Jessie Arora

    Congrats! As a mom of 2 young ones looking to redefine my life and career I find your blog and your work incredibly inspiring. Thank you!

  24. CCjudy

    You are an inspiration to many women including me and Happy glorious birthday

  25. Brandon Burns


  26. Lock

    ::sustained applause::

    1. Gotham Gal

      lol xo

  27. Britanny Carter

    Happy birthday Joanne! Thank you so much for your inspirational posts. I started reading your blog a few years ago and it has quickly become my absolute favorite to read.Thanks for the willingness to share both the good and the bad(the broken heel interview story made me feel so much better after an interview of my own!) Keep up the amazing work.

  28. Yanique Barnes

    Happy Happy Birthday to you and congrats on all the inspiration you serve here daily. I am a new follower, and it has been quite enlightening reading your blog daily, and going through all your archives. Keep doing what you do, and wishing you continued blessings.

  29. daryn

    Congrats & Happy Birthday. Looking forward to the next 10 years and beyond!

  30. Matt A. Myers

    Looks like it’s been a busy 10 years, and sounds like it’s been rewarding. Cheers to another rewarding 10 years!

  31. pixiedust8

    Happy birthday and congratulations! Nice to think of 10 years in terms of accomplishments instead of time.

  32. Marjan Ghara

    Happy Bday and congratulations! In addition to your family and friends, you are a “virtual” friend, mentor and inspiration to many. :))

  33. AG

    Congrats! Seems a happy bday is in order, too. But most of all thank you for allowing me to start my day here almost every morning. You’ve been a role model, teacher, and inspiration–hope you’re celebrating.

  34. ellen

    it has been a wonderful insightful read. i love, your recommendations, your thoughts, your recipes and most of all your joy for life.

  35. takingpitches

    Congrats and happy birthday! The next ten years are going to be even more wonderful!

  36. michaelgalpert

    keep up the awesome!

  37. cyanbane

    I admit I have been lurking since near the beginning. I used to love the family music podcasts and although I don’t get around here and avc as much as I used to, I still find both have a special place in my rss reader (yeah old school).Congrats.

    1. Gotham Gal

      the podcasts. i remember those. that is seriously old school!

  38. Cam MacRae

    Awesome. Congrats.

  39. TanyaMonteiro

    Congratulations Joanne, you are a constant inspiration to me on so many different levels. Happy birthday wishes to you from Africa

  40. BB

    Congrats Joanne and happy birthday!

  41. Shripriya

    Congratulations and happy birthday! It’s been great reading for the past decade. Look forward to the next one 🙂

  42. teri

    I believe it was a book review that brought me to your blog back in 2004 but it’s been so much more that has kept me coming back. Thanks for your clear headed thoughts and enthusiasm.Keep up the great work and happy belated birthday!

  43. JLM

    .Congratulations.Missed a big one in those ten years of accomplishments: Touched a lot of lives and provided a lot of inspiration.Godspeed and keep on rolling.JLM.

  44. Lally Rementilla

    Happy anniversary/birthday, Gotham Gal! You have definitely been a positive influence to me and a lot of followers.

    1. Gotham Gal


  45. Siminoff


  46. kenberger

    I enjoyed attending this blog’s celebratory party in NYC the other week. Was nice that Fred showed up as well 🙂

  47. Ryan Drew

    Congratulations Joanne! You and your blog have been so valuable (restaurant reviews, book reviews, trip recommendations) over the past decade. I cannot thank you enough.

  48. Donna Esposito

    I’ve become a follower on 10/10/13. Love what I have read so far.

    1. Gotham Gal


  49. bsoist

    Sorry I’m so late saying congratulations. Love reading your blog. I was disappointed I didn’t get to say hello when I was in the city last month. Keep it up.