Another day in Utah

An activity was needed and fly-fishing was the call.  We all got in our gaiters and off we went.  We were broken up into a bunch of groups to make sure we each caught fish.  If I ever did it again I'd made sure that there was at least four people per group.  It is more about that then the fish. 

It was an absolutely beautiful location.  Fred caught a few fish and so did I. 

Then we walked down the river to see our friends.  I think the hardest part was walking across the river.

Steven flyfishing
Our friend caught a really big trout.  It was his bday so a nice treat.

We all caught up at lunch, warmed ourselves in the sun and ate some killer homemade potato chips.

That evening we had Houman Gohary come cook for us.  He was the first F&B director at the Canyons, where he trained most
of today's top chefs in town. The Chefs from Talisker and Riverhorse
both trained under Houman. Before that, he opened the Ritz Carlton's in
Osaka, Dubai, Barcelona and Shanghai.  The restaurant he owns is Good Karma and
his vegan/gluten-free line is Instant Karma.  An insanely delicious cook and such a nice man. 

We started out around 530 with appetizers and wine.  A beautiful antipasto plate.

A platter of cheese and his marinated figs were out of this world.

Our first treat was a butternut squash cappuccino.  This soup was made of coconut milk, butternut squash and cardamon.  Perfect that is all I can say.

A mixed green salad with golden beets, candied walnuts and a pomegranate-zinfandel vinaigrette. 

The chef loves to bake bread.  This challah was really good and baking up at 9000 vertical is not easy.  He also made a salty olive oil bread for appetizers and an olive bread.  All delicious. 

Champagne granite.  Perseco, lemons, ice and a small strawberry on top.  Such a mouth cleaner.  Tart and sweet.

Our main course was beef from Summit County Beef.  Having the best ingredients is just the key to good taste.  Chef Gohary sourced everything from the best.  This beef might have been one of the best cuts of beef I have ever had.  Served with a light brown sauce from the juice and roasted local vegetables around the plate.

For dessert he made an indoor s'more for those who did not want to make their own by the firepit outside.  This was a s'more made inside a crispy fillo dough. 

This is the plate for the outdoor people.  I admit I had both.  The caramel sauce over the homemade marshmallows with a himalayan sea salt chocolate and cinnamon sugar graham crackers was insane.

I am pretty sure the best s'more I have ever had.  The meal was just perfect.  Each plate he served was evenly balanced and well thought out.  I am most definitely having him back!

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  1. falicon

    As always – amazing pictures (and sounds like a great adventure)…but the moment captured in the last one (with the s’more) is possibly my favorite. Looks like you were both really enjoying the food and a little caught by surprise at the same time…the angle adds a ton of fun to it as well…so kudos to the photographer, that’s def. an “art” like shot.

  2. AG

    My type of getaway. Thanks for sharing

  3. pointsnfigures

    I am intrigued by the smore. going to make that next summer when I am fly fishing in Wisconsin.

    1. Gotham Gal

      Perfect spot for it

  4. JLM

    .Honey comb w/ dried cherries, pistachios and blue cheese, please.Fabulous pics. Well played.JLM.

  5. Mark Gavagan

    You have got to stop posting these photos – I’m about to pass out from food envy!

    1. Gotham Gal