Decisions, decisions

ImagesIt is always nice to go to an event and see a bunch of people that you have not seen in awhile.  You get a chance to catch up on the regular stuff such as work, life, vacations, kids, etc.  At times it is exhausting to have those conversations again and again and I sometimes think it is nice to get the quick down-low but honestly I do not need to get into the weeds about what your children are doing. 

It was so refreshing the other night when I sat down and my dinner partner on my life asked me the best question.  What was the best decision you made today?  I loved it.  It really made me think.  First of all, I love making decisions and the truth is we make decisions every day without even realizing it.  The best decision could have been as simple as blowing off a healthy breakfast and eating the most incredible cinnamon roll you ever have had.  It could have been pulling the trigger on a vacation that you have wanted to go on.  It could have been deciding to fire someone on your staff.  It could have been deciding on the perfect carpet for your living room.  It gives the person who asked the question a little insight into the day you had or where your head is at. 

That question led to a few others such as what have you realized about yourself that has helped you look at things differently.  The conversation flowed and we never did talk about our kids or our basic day to day stuff but we spoke at a more interesting level.  It was honestly refreshing.

I plan on using that question again and again.  I just love it.