Few Days in Utah

We came out to Utah with a few friends to celebrate fall and my bday.  It was a great trip.  Had a serious snow storm when we arrived, almost a foot but after that the sun was blue and beautiful. 

The first day everyone came at different times so we a cheese plate was ready to eat before dinner.  I made Coq Au Vin, one of my favorite fall meals. 

We got up the next morning and took a hike.  We couldn't hike up near us because there was so much snow so we went down into town at an area that was at a much lower altitude.  After our pretty simple hike we made our way over to the Highwest Distillery & Saloon.  I think it is one of the better places in town.

The evening (and the next) I opted for a catered meal.  I called the Park City Culinary Institute and they totally hooked me up.  Hoping to see Kitchensurfing work with them in the future.  The chefs that came were fantastic.  Chef Yu Yamamoto who run Yami Sushi at the Montage came the first night. We began with a Santenmori, a taste of a few things.  Kumoto oyster with a ponzu sauce, chopped yellowtail wrapped in crispy rice, grilled octopus and vegetables.  A nice kick off.

Japnesse sushi
This was our second course, a sharing of sashimi.  Such a beautiful presentation. 

Our third plate was grilled wings and grilled pieces of steak. After that we had a white miso clam soup which is the only thing I did not love.  Too salty.

Japanese 4
The tempura was my favorite.  Served with two mixtures of salt. Dipping the crispy tempura into truffle salt is the call. 

Japnese 5
Our last savory dish was a mixture of sushis.  Box sushi, grilled meat, small balls with raw fish on top. 

Japanese 6
The last was a place of mochi ice cream that was excellent.  He sourced the products from all over the globe.  Very impressive. 

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  1. Ella Dyer

    Belated but, sincere happy birthday. Thanks again for making me hungry!

    1. Gotham Gal


  2. leeschneider

    Love High West. Have a bottle of their Bourye sitting in my cabinet as we speak. Good food too!