Los Angeles

I love Los Angeles.  I was born there.  I only lived there until I was 7 but have continued to be pulled back.  I spent a semester there as an intern working for JW Robinson, my sister lived there for many years, my brother and his family moved back there over 8 years ago and my Grandmother lived in Laguna.  Each time I land in LAX and walk through the terminal I honestly feel at home.  The people look familiar to me.  I know where I am when I drive around although don't ask me to tell you how to get there. 

Fred and I will definitely be spending more time there once we become empty nesters.  Our kids love it out there too.  I am in the process of setting up shop up there for the future, not full time but definitely long periods of time. 

I was out there this week working on that project.  The process of building something can be long ardous and painful for many but I honestly love it.  I have the ability of making quick decisions and being very focused on how each of them affect the entire outcome of the project.  Then I can go home and walk through it in my brain. 

We did have some delicious meals while we were there too.  I also got a good hug from both of my nieces which is always a side bonus.  We ate one night at Tar and Roses.  Not such a great name but a nice vibe with good food.  Above is the chicken I had.  I liked that it was a small bird for one. 

Then we went to Superba the last night.  The food there is just outstanding.  We had a long day, I believe about 8 hours of decisions, and needed a strong drink.  They only serve beer and wine so we walked across the street for the hard stuff and returned for dinner and wine.  Unfortunately I did not take pictures and the menu is constantly changing.  If you are in LA, stop by for a snack, a pasta, a small plate, anything.  A very special place.