White Truffles and The Snow Geese

TSG art 215x300 v1Josh and I are the only two at home this week and I had theater tickets to see The Snow Geese at MTC (Manhattan Theater Club).  We do not see enough theater and I can't remember the last time Josh went so boom he was my date.  I let him make the call if at intermission he wanted to opt out.

We eat in one of two restaurants when we do theater either Esca or Milos.  The show is on 47th Street so it was all about Esca.  This time of the year white truffles show up on menus around the city so we indulged.  White truffles shaved over raw tuna as one of our starters and white truffles shaved over our salt encrusted branzino (obviously after they plated it).  A decadent meal but absolutely worth while.

The play is two and a half hours with a 15 minute intermission.  The acting is great.  Mary-Louise Parker, the mother, is the main character and she is as always outstanding.  The play takes place in 1917 and her husband has just died leaving her flat broke.  The husband had inherited a fortune and he literally squandered it away and nobody knows until he dies. Yet over the past twenty years they had been living high on the horse truly through smoke and mirrors.  When her husband dies the reality of the cash surfaces through one of her sons diligence who is the more realistic of the two.  Her other son has returned from his life of Princeton before going off to war.  The entire play takes place over a 24 hour period.  The play is about tragedy, the end of the gilted age, family, frustation, love and reality. 

Certainly there have been many plays and movies based on the same type of premise.  Even Woody Allens movie, Blue Jasmine, which came out this past summer, had some of the same underlying themes.

A very well done play.  Kept us entertained.  A nice evening with one of my favorite dates. 

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  1. Laura Yecies

    We did Milos when we were in NY a couple of weeks ago – excellent. I also recommend Glass Menagerie