Barclays, The Nets and Marcos

There is something incredibly powerful about getting off at the Barclays subway stop.  You walk up the stairs and this huge building is looming over you.  It is kind of awesome.  We went to the Nets/Heat game on Friday night.  Before the game we met our friends at Marcos.  Marcos is the newest addition from the insanely adored Frannys that is down the street.  I have yet to get to Frannys an obvious mistake on my part.  I'd say just from eating at Marcos and seeing the difference in each menu that Marcos is the more adult version of the two.  There are 12 pizza options on Frannys menu and not a one at Marcos. 

A really warm soothing vibe with a bar in the front room.  The lighting is a little flat but otherwise no complaints.  We split everything.  A few things from the Antipasti, one Primi (pasta) and a few Secondis and some Contornis (sides).  We broke it down into three separate servings.  We began with the Prosciutto di Parma.  Square gnocchis deep fried and served warm with a piece of prosciutto over the top and drops of balsamic vinegar.  A perfect kick off.  The warm dough with the prosciutto is a nice combo.

Fried eggs
This was a real winner.  Fried eggs with roasted piece of pumpkin, quince and mushrooms.  Basically a warm salad.  Different and seasonal. 

Cherry tomatoes
Roasted cherry peppers stuffed with dried cod that has been soaked, poached and whipped into a mousse.  This was our least favorite.  A little too fishy for me. 

Spiedino alla Romana is basically a grilled cheese sandwich Italian style.  Delicious.  Squares of bread that had been toasted with oozing mozzarella and a salad of parsley and capers over the top.

Wood-grilled oysters with a spoonful of a warm tomato sauce.  Nice and plump.

The pasta was really delicious and unique.  Agnolotti pasta is the size of your pinky and then stuffed with fontina cheese mixed with roasted cabbage and toasted hazelnuts. 

Squid in the style of Venice.  A piece of toasted polenta that was a bit soft and oozing when you sliced into it.  Perfectly pan fried pieces of squid that were almost crunchy and then mixed with an olive oil based herb sauce.  I really liked this dish.

Spit-roasted Pork Loin with escarole.  I pretty much like anything spit-roasted.  The pork was delicious and cut easily with just a fork. 

Shelling beans that were cooked with pork ribs.  More soupy than I would have liked.

Broccoli rabe
Broccoli rabe with pieces of ricotta salata over the top.  Simple.

Fennel roasted with Parmesan.  I am a big fan of this.  The fennel gets really soft when roasted.

Charred leeks
Charred leeks with anchovies.  These leeks have really been roasted down until they fall apart.  This is delicious smeared over anything. 

Really yummy meal.  Simple dishes from Venice that are all really well prepared.  Would love to go back but might have to walk a little farther up the street next time for a pie at Frannys. 

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  1. ceonyc

    Wait wait… there’s a great restaurant that I’ve been to that you haven’t? Seriously, you need to get to Franny’s. Anytime you want to go, I’m there.

    1. Gotham Gal

      deal. get to Marcos.

  2. Kylie Sachs

    You MUST go to Franny’s! It’s our neighborhood spot (along with James) – we ate at the bar last night. Order as many appetizers as you can – they are the heart and soul of the place to me, maybe even more than the pizzas. The pastas are delicious. The cocktails are unique and delicious. You cannot go wrong (we are Marcos bound in a week or two!). Can’t wait to hear what you think.

  3. pointsnfigures

    checking the box, making charred leeks this week at home…..