Christopher Wool @The Guggenheim

The Guggenheim
is one of the most amazing architectural structures built to show art.  I would assume that curating an exhibit is hard work at any museum but having to incorporate the use of the Guggenheims space takes it to a whole other level. 

There are so many shows that I want to see in NYC this fall from the Whitney to the Jewish Museum to the Brooklyn Museum and more.  I got up to Guggenheim to see the Christopher Wool exhibit with Jessica last week.  So glad I went. 

Wool began to make an impact with his work in the 1980's.  He used words with certain vowels taken out that is similar to how we text today.  He continued to play with words and sayings as the years progressed.

He made large canvases mixing silk screen and painting.

Later in his career he has taken old photos or images that he once created and then uses them again layering them with smeared paints incorporating the old with the new.  Rethinking old ideas. 

Standing on one side of the Guggenheim and seeing the work move up and down through the space is really amazing. 

His earlier work of enameled flowers were some of my favorites.  Some of the pieces at the exhibit were only made four years ago.  It is worth seeing.  I would gather that Wool was involved in the curation of the exhibit so it is interesting to see what he chose to show from the body of work he has made throughout his career.

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  1. awaldstein

    Thanks for the nudge to go see a bunch of new exhibits.The Guggenheim is always on the cusp of architecturally wonderful and distracting to me.The only exhibit I’ve seen there that was the perfect blend was an Armani one, years ago with models and manikins dressed in his work as you walked up the runway. Perfect.

  2. AnujMathur

    really enjoyed this exhibit — wool’s large scale word paintings really draw you in, almost in an unexpected way. i read jerry saltz’s piece in the vulture after visiting and felt it was a great follow-up to my visit, so thought i’d share:

    1. Gotham Gal

      Thanks. Will read it