Evening at an artists home in Cuba

The entire crew was invited to the home of Pamela Ruiz and her artist husband Damian Aquiles.  There was another artist there as well, Nelson Ramirez, who had art hanging through out their home.   Their home is beautiful with large rooms, tiled floors and soaring ceilings.  Artists seem to live ok in Cuba.

Damians work is made of metal scraps.  I really liked this piece of people marching that hung in one room.

Of course we were given the classic drink when we arrived.

The other piece was this metal cube which I really liked and am attempting to get it home.

This is their living room.

The dining room.

A peek into the kitchen from outside.

The long hallway when you enter the home.

Here is a piece of Nelsons that is definitely en route to our home.

An interesting evening.  Paella was served and everyone took a seat somewhere.  People talked, drank and discussed art and Cuba.  

Comments (Archived):

  1. AG

    Curious about your method to buying new art. Is there one or do you mostly just buy what speaks to you in the moment?

    1. Gotham Gal

      totally what speaks to me.

  2. CCjudy

    My friend Linda is there now and she only wrote me one time and no photos so Thank YOu

  3. Brandon Burns

    Jealous! So, so jealous!

  4. Michelle Mo Alb

    I’d like to contact the artist, do you have contact info? he won’t respond to the email on the website…

    1. Gotham Gal

      which one?

      1. Michelle Mo Alb

        Damian Aquiles : )