Latke Festival

Ever wonder how your favorite NYC chef would make their latkes unique? Come to the Metropolitan Pavilion on Monday, December 2 at 6:30pm for a night of interpretative renditions of this timeless Hanukkah favorite. I am thrilled to be a judge this year. After all, you don't have to be Jewish to love latkes!

Tickets are available here.

Please note, tickets will not be sold on site. The evening's proceeds benefit The Sylvia Center.

Participating restaurants:

Kutsher's Tribeca  

Hot Bread Kitchen   

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Beverages will be provided by:   


Cliffton Dry Hard Cider

GuS (Grown Up Soda)

Shmaltz Brewing Company

Plus wine and vodka!

To help us judge the festival's Latke Festival Master, we've recruited some heavy hitters:  

Ben Leventhal, Eater

Lee Schrager, NYC Wine & Food Festival

Amanda Hesser, Food52

Joanne Wilson, Gotham Gal

Jason Ackerman, Fresh Direct
Jonathan LaPook, Medical Correspondent, CBS News 

Elinor Tatum, Amsterdam News
Robert LaValva, New Amsterdam Market
Alan Boss, Metropolitan Pavilion

The Festival is organized by Great Performances and co-sponsored by: 

Edible Manhattan 
Capital One
Metropolitan Pavilion

Comments (Archived):

  1. pointsnfigures… Yup, more than just Jews eat ’em. My Norwegian grandmother used to make them with sour cream and apple sauce….

  2. awaldstein

    Just got off the phone reminding my mom that I expected her to make some Lokshen Kugel to bring back from Thanksgiving when I visit.That, her Mandelbraut, and of course her kasha varnishkas are the recipes that will live into another generation. Hmmm…maybe her knaidelach’s go on that list.Consider myself super lucky being brought up in a multigenerational, immigrant family with more than one language and a ton to ties to life through food.

    1. Susan Rubinsky

      I rarely meet people who know what Kugel is! We still make it in our family too 🙂

      1. Gotham Gal

        a once a year treat.