Organic Farm in Cuba

The last day we went out to an organic farm that is located in Havana.  It has been around for 16 years started by Marta Nunez's father.  Marta is pictured above and so is Ronnie Davis who planned the entire trip.  I would call Marta the Alice Waters of Cuba.  

The farm was built as a co-op to feed the people surrounding the area.  The farm now boasts 25 acres. They are now allowed to sell about 7% of their products to restaurants/hotels many of which are Government owned.  Keep in mind that the Government gives them 75% less in what the food is worth when they do business with them vs the people.  The Government now also taxes the farm 5% of their profits.  The people in Cuba eat more rice per capita than in China and import the majority of their rice. They also import the majority of their food.  You would think the Government would create incentives for the farmers to grow food for their fellow countrymen.  The one thing they do give them is the ability to get people in from around the globe that are connected to NGO's to work the farm.  I honestly do not get it.  

It was a seriously muddy day from pouring the night before so we got bags to tie around our feet.  Didn't really work.  

Plantfor cleaning fluid
They even grow plants that are used to make cleaning solutions smell better.

Plants and aloe
In a field of plants there lies aloe.

Cabbage and lettuce.  Great for produce and selling.  Grows quickly and 12 months a year.


Oxen are key.  Their tractors do not work because they can't get parts and it is also expensive so oxen literally till the fields.

Radishes fresh from the garden.

A spread of lunch that comes right from the fields.

My next stop with my filthy feet was old Havana to see some more art.  Old Havana is being renovated purely for tourist reasons.  It is clean and old.  Just what you would imagine Cuba to be vs the reality of the photos I posted the last few days.  

This particular shot is of a hotel that a Chilean company built.  It is beautiful.  Not sure how they were able to get the supplies to do it but I am sure it had to do with cash.

We went to see the photography foundation that is run by Nelson Liudmila and his wife.  He is the artist that I saw the night before and purchased one of his pieces.  This piece is on display now in the gallery.  He gave a really interesting slide presentation of all the photographers that have been taking pictures of Cuba and the people for decades.  Glad to see they are keeping history in tact.

A beautiful park behind the square.

Then we went to this gallerist who had art everywhere.  She showed in her house so there was art stacked even in the bathroom and her bedroom.  

The last gallery we went to had a show and then a bunch of random artists on different floors.  This piece really grabbed me.  Pinocchio, all in black, with his nose turning into rope and tying up his entire body.  Would love to hear that that artist is trying to tell us about his home country.