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Crowd funding has changed the investment world.  Not only has everything become more transparent but people who did not see interesting deal flow come across their desk can access crowd funding platforms daily to see the latest and greatest.  Investors can see who else is investing in deals and that might help guide them in their own decisions.  Entrepreneurs can target the right places to launch their rounds.  The traction that they get with investors that are knowledgeable and interested in their company also provides proof of concept.  It is a win win for everyone.

SeedInvest has created a platform for investors that are mostly outside of the Silicon Valley arena to hear about start-ups that spark an interest for them to invest in.  SeedInvest has done an excellent job of aggregating accredited investors giving them access to worthy deals.  SeedInvest curates the deals on their platform helping the investors focus on deals that they believe in. 

As more of these platforms grow, they become more valuable to entrepreneurs, investors and our economy.  In 2014 when Title 3 rules go into effect allowing non-accredited investors to participate it will be exciting to watch what happens.  These platforms are game changers at every turn.  It is not just a handful of VC's or angels that can make or break your business with capital but there is a land of others who can decide if they believe in the business you are growing.  I am a big believer that the market is always king and the market here is a broad base of investors who want to get in the game.

Scoot Networks, a company that I have been involved and invested in from the beginning, is now raising money on SeedInvest.  I am a big believer in changing transportation.  The battery powered Scooters are currently on the streets of SF with a loyal user base that continues to grow.  We want to grow into other cities.  There are even opportunities with municipalities to use our fleet of Scooters.  As a Scooter rider myself, I love that I do not have to own a Scooter but can enjoy the benefits of jumping on one when need be.  Just like Zip Car or Citibike consumer behavior has changed in how we travel around our cities and Scoot is another component of transportation. 

Click here to see the information and if you are an accredited investor and this investment interests you well then invest and become part of Scoot. 

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Comments (Archived):

  1. AG

    Do you think this targets the same market or group of people as citibike? Going based on my common sense alone (ie nothing supporting this), two problems still seem to linger re ny: first and foremos t safety and space to ride in traffic and secondly, helmets. For me, the first is the biggest hurdle…but maybe I should get on a scooter before I decide I wouldn’t feel safe in heavy traffic with crazy cabs.

    1. Gotham Gal

      helmuts on the bikes, tutorials before you get on it, your phone pops in to the right for the gps system.

      1. AG

        Thanks for the info. Interested to see how this plays out in the short term–seems like it can’t be too far off…

        1. Gotham Gal

          i hope so