Georgette Rotisserie

Georgette room
Anything that says rotisserie on the menu makes me happy.  It is definitely one of my favorite ways to cook meats.  Needless to say I was excited to go to Rotisserie Georgette that opened just a short while ago on the UES.  

A group of us took over the back dining room for the evening that peeks into the kitchen.  The room fits 8 just perfectly, 10 would be tight but certainly nice and intimate.  In the back room you need to pre-order the meal and there is a minimum cost.  We went with the whole pig.  The front room is not as unique and cozy as the back room.  The room is very brown and drab vs the modern chic you come to expect from restaurants in that area.  

Foie gras
We began with a foie gras terrine that was served with a tokay gelee, rhubarb chutney and brioche toast. Delicious.  I am a sucker for foie gras.  

Our next round was two salads.  Salade G, the house salad consists of endive, frisee, sliced Asian pears, avocado, candied walnuts, super crispy lardons, blue cheese and a mustard vinaigrette.  A really nice salad. French with a twist.  

We also had roasted leeks served with mache, pignoli nuts, duck proscuitto and a grilled red onion vinaigrette.  I often braise leeks and you get the same soft leeks when you roast them.  This was a good combo of flavors and mixing them with duck proscuitto is a nice call.

The pig was beautiful.  They had brined the pig before hand and then rotisseried it for hours.  The skin was super crispy and the skin fell right off the bone.  It was really delicious.  We were in a French influenced restaurant so the sauces on the side were red wine sauces but personally I would have liked to see something with more edge.  Everything needed a little more oomph.  

Here is the pig after being sliced.

We also had rotisserie chickens which we certainly did not need.  Lots of doggie bags went home last night.  The chicken was juicy and fell right off the bone.  Super simple and again it would have been nice to see just a little oomph.

Our side vegetables were very simple. Just like France where they put the potatoes underneath the chickens as they turn makes the potatoes really crispy and flavorful.  Roasted Jerusalem artichokes, golden raisins roasted with baby brussel sprouts, cipollini onions and roasted pieces of cauliflower.  

Nice touch on the tart tatin with creme fraiche.  It could feed 20 people.  

The wrap up is that I do love the simplicity of the menu.  The food is good not great but they have not been open long.  I'd love to see some edge to the food.  Everything could use just another shot of spice to separate all the flavors and take the experience to another level.  A super fun evening.  Lots of wine, great way to spend the holidays with a bunch of friends…and other friends we bumped into.  I rarely get up that way in the evening so perhaps my next time at Rotisserie Georgette will be for lunch. 

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  1. awaldstein

    And the wine you drank with this was….?I’m going to continually (and nicely) nudge you until you start adding a pic of the wine.

    1. Gotham Gal

      fair enough.

      1. Guest

        Coming from the other direction, I think WineTalk is boring, not to mention very 90s. Keep on keeping on with your bad self and pay no mind to the nudges from the dude in the shades and the leather bomber jacket!

        1. Gotham Gal


  2. kathryn jones

    Ahh The pig is so beautiful (looking). I have been dreaming of a whole pig for years – been thinking about Daisy Mae’s – if you could do a whole pig anywhere else in nyc- where would you go???

    1. Gotham Gal

      The Breslin

      1. jonathanc

        Reading your post I immediately thought of the Breslin. The back table is great for 8 – 10 people. I thought the price was reasonable, service was great, and food delicious & abundant.That foie gras photo looks totally decadent and delicious. So tempting…

        1. Gotham Gal

          the foie gras was one of the best things..

  3. pointsnfigures

    first experience with suckling pig was in Bali. Was amazing. This one looks awesome. wonder what they could do with lamb.