Gift Giving

There is definitely an art to gift giving.  Some people are incredible at it while others not so good.  In our family Emily is the best gift giver, hands down.  Josh absolutely hates it.  There has been a bunch of conversation about gifts because of the holiday season.  We are having a family secret santa and the angst behind it for some is not pretty.  One gift, come on! 

This is also the season where tons of stuff just arrives.  Fred ends up bringing our car over to the office in early January and hauls a serious supply of stuff home.  Sometimes I truly wonder about who was behind the thinking around those gifts. 

Here are my personal thoughts on gifts particularly when they come to clients.  Stick to food, wine and alcohol.  Make sure it is good food and wine.  There is nothing more upsetting than having some terrible book or gadget that nobody is ever going to use show up at the door with someones company logo on it.  I'd rather the givers give to a charity they know I am passionate about or the company supports. 

Needless to say, as I am investor in all these companies but you can buy great gift packages on Mouth.  You can even call them up and have them create something special for a slew of clients.  Food52 has items on Provisions for the home chef not necessarily for clients.  There is always Ricks Picks and their goods are also sold on Mouth.  Each of these companies have items that are perfect for holiday consumption.  They also are carrying saavy products which makes the giver look smart. 

If you are going to give make sure that you want the client to remember that you gave the best gift not the paper printed calendar from yesteryear.