Given Goods Company

As we are all in the gift giving mode, give a look at Given Goods Company.  In full transparency I got an absolutely wonderful email from the co-founder of Given Goods introducing herself and her company.  They only sell products that give back and make an impact.  They also tell the stories behind them.  It is a wonderful way to create an ecommerce platform around social responsiblity. 

I got this package of goodies above.  Each of these gifts will be well received in our house.  Obviously really appreciative to receive the box but more appreciative to hear from someone who has been following this blog and reading daily for awhile.  Hearing from the many women who have checked in and become part of this community over the years is the best gift ever.

Comments (Archived):

  1. Guest

    This is because you are awesome! You will hear more and more of that! Happy Holidays!

  2. AMT Editorial Staff

    Good tip. We’ll tweet it. We already found something to put on a “wish list.”

  3. Marjan Ghara

    I’m member of that silent majority! Happy holidays.

  4. bfeld

    I love love love Given Goods. Riley and Camey are awesome.

  5. pointsnfigures

    Here are a couple of cool ones from Chicago, (clothing) and Mighty Nest will donate some profit to your school or cause.

    1. Gotham Gal

      thanks. i know mightynest but not the other one.