What sets companies apart?

As we move forward building companies on the Internet there is always the question of what sets each company apart from the rest.  There are several competitors in each space.  As an investor I might have looked at more than a few opportunities in each vertical but end up choosing the one I believe will win in a space.

I have always believed that customer service sets companies apart.  I want to go back to a place where I know I am treated well and the experience is seamless.  That is the success of Zappos.  Easy, simple and efficient.  Always happy to please.  They put customer service first regardless of the cost.

I watched Danny Meyer speak this morning on Eater.  Eater has linked to his conversation with a CBS News Correspondent.  I am a huge fan of Danny.  His book, Setting the Table, is a worthy read for any budding entrepreneur.  His advice is spot on.  It is a 5 minute watch.  He is a very thoughtful guy and customer service has always been number one for him.  Obviously worked.  

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  1. Rohan

    You’d imagine this would be obvious? It is shocking how many “service” businesses like hotels miss the point.I guess it gets lost amidst the many other seemingly conflicting commitments (profits being one of them)