Alex Prager at Lehmann Maupin

My days are busy and my appetite to do things are bigger than the 24 hours available in a day.  Every time I spend time in the art world I do think I should spend more time seeing art.  I could spend more time seeing art but somehow I spend more time doing other things like investments.  I am going to make more of an effort to get to the shows at the start not in the end because this is one show I am truly sorry I got there too late to buy a piece.  

The Alex Prager show is up until February 22nd and I highly recommend getting to Lehmann Maupin. There is a video installation (in Chelsea) starring Elizabeth Banks that sets the tone for each of the still photographs.  The video is brilliant.  Some of the pieces are in Chelsea and others are at the galleries other location on Chrystie Street.  If you happen to be in Hong Kong the Lehmann Maupin gallery is showing Don Ho Suh who I am a huge fan of too.   The photo above I captured from the video.

This one also came from the video.  The show is called A Face in the Crowd.  The private moments people have inside crowds and the feeling of being swept into crowds.  Living in urban areas it is certainly something I have thought about before.  

Alexprager green
This is one of the stills peering through a window.  

Alexprager party
Here is the party scene.  All and all a great show.  Gotta do this more.