Cafe China

I am on a Chinese roll these days.  I went on a hiatus for so many years that the desire for Thai and Chinese is coming on fast and furious.  I am a fan of all the new restaurants that are taking old school dishes and giving them a new look.  

We went to Cafe China for dinner this past week.  The restaurant is located on East 37th Street. The concept behind the decor is Shanghai 1930 where western influences are just beginning to take place in the east.  The result is a very kitschy funky place with delicious food and a good noise level.  Two winners in my book.  

Surprisingly the garlic use is minimal if it is not a dish that says garlic.  Love that.  The glasses for cocktails are old school and fun.  Here is the glass I had with my scotch and the dishes at the table.

We started with Dan Dan noodles. Just the right size portions.  Minced pork, chili sauce, scallions and super thin noodles.  The right amount of spice and just delicious.

Soup dumplings were so good we ordered a second round.  

Tea smoked duck on the bone with hoisin sauce on the side.  Perfectly cooked with super crispy skin.

Ma Po Tofu. Soft cubes of tofu that melt in your mouth before getting assaulted with the spicy chili sauce it is served with.  The sauce is so good that I mixed it up with rice just to make sure we got every last drop.

Kung Pao chicken with just the right kick.  Peanuts, ginger and chili peppers mixed in a really tasty sauce.  Chicken was cooked to perfection.

Love lotus root.  Lightly sauteed lotus root that went with each of the dishes we ate.

We had ginger and green tea ice cream for dessert.  

For dessert we also had a sweet deep fried sweet potato pancake.  Really good and went well with the ice cream.  Although dessert has never been the highlight at Chinese restaurants.  We used to go to the ice cream store afterward which I still think is the way to go.

Love the cup with a few pieces of gum served at the end with your bill.  

I believe that China Cafe is Michelin rated.  I am definitely going back and certainly checking out the latest place, China Blue, they opened in Tribeca.