Humans of New York

Images-3The beauty of the Internet ( and also the danger of the Internet) is I tend to buy books and other items with ease after I read about them.  I bought the book last week called Humans of New York. It is a wonderful photography book.  I am so glad I bought it because  made me start to think about NYC. 

Brandon, the photographer behind this book began his journey in the summer of 2010 with the idea to capture the myriad of people that live in NYC.  He set out to photography 10,000 people and get their stories too.  Tumblr was the place on the web where he began to post these photos and build his audience.  That alone is one of the beautiful things about the internet. 

The book reminds me of what a unique city I live in.  There are photos from Crown Heights to Staten Island to the Lower Eastside to Spanish Harlem.  It is like a photography census.  The diversity of NYC should be applauded daily.  I read every story and have gone through the book several times. 

A worthy book to pick up.  Here is his Tumblr page.

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  1. awaldstein

    I love this city.Can’t look at the Statue of Liberty without thinking of my Grandfather who came over then taught me to ride the subways as a kid. LES where my mom was born. Book stall shopping with my father, planetarium on Saturday morning. On and on.New York more than any other place, celebrates itself through its diversity. And creates heroes.We don’t have graffiti, we have graffiti artists. We don’t have photos of the Chrysler building, we have Margaret-Bourke White’s image in our head. We have Andy Warhol, Keith Haring and endless others.Lucky us for living here.I’ll buy the book. Thanks for the heads up.

  2. whitneymcn

    I’ve been following the Tumblr for some time, but haven’t yet picked up the book — need to go order it now.And yes on NYC: I love this place. I’ve left a couple of times, but I always come back home.

  3. dremoran

    I’m a massive fan of this project. It speaks to how everyone we see is fighting a battle we know nothing about. The book could really just be called “Humans”. New York is just the ideal stage because of its diversity of people.

  4. TanyaMonteiro

    love this idea/book/blog/trend. people have started HO… in allot of places now but he does it best and the stories, I think, make the difference. a definite purchase on my visit, adding to my excitement. thanks for posting that, i did not know it was already a book

  5. LE

    First this is fascinating.As someone who did photography in high school [1] (and earned money doing that to start my first business – I had a darkroom in the basement) I will say that I would choose a day in NYC to take pictures over a day at the Grand Canyon.There is just an unlimited amount of interesting things in NYC that I could shoot and keep my self occupied with. And I’ve done that. Oddly enough two other atypical places that I’ve shot literally thousands of photos are Las Vegas (after I was dragged there) and Epcot at Disneyworld (primarily in the village inside the shops).Reminds me a bit of the day in the life series that Rick Smolan did in the 80’s [2]One thing though I’m not seeing any (and I went down pretty far) of the ultra orthodox and for that matter I’m sure there are other groups that are missing. (So as with any art there is a bias here and I’m sure how approachable subjects are does play into this as well.). I also wonder what type of releases the photographer had to get in order to publish these photos.One of my favorites attached (and there were many I just thought this one was funny).Note: Click to enlarge.[1] Heart concert, Tower Theater, about 1979.[2]