Chef Yu Yamamoto in Park City and Liberty Heights Fresh

We came out to Park City (the Canyons) for the holiday weekend.  It happened to be Josh's 18th birthday so instead of making a meal I got Chef Yamamoto to come over and prepare us something for the occassion.  An incredible meal.  The key to being out here is if you want to have a chef come to your house contact Laurie at Park City Culinary Institute (hopefully Kitchensurfing will be here soon) and the other person to contact is Steve Rosenberg at Liberty Heights Fresh.  I order enough for at least 4/5 days from vegetables to sweets to meats and cheese.  He carries the best selection in SLC.  If you order enough they will deliver to your house.  To me, having the same type of selection in SLC that I get in NYC is the key and Steve provides that.  

Our meal began with a sashimi platter of tuna, yellowtail, fluke, amberjack, tsuma, wasabi and soy sauce.  The perfect beginning.

The wines of the evening were delicious and packed quite a punch.

Grilled eel
Our next dish was grilled unagi with scallions on skewers.

This next dish was fun.  We each got a super hot rock and cooked our own wagyu beef, scallop and and a few mushrooms.  

Scallops on rock
On the side was a miso butter for dipping.  Had to heat up the rock a few times.

Next out was Ramen.  Charsiu pork topped with a boiled egg in a spicy pork broth and thin noodles.  I had hit the wall but had to dig in.  Delicious.  The broth had a nice kick to it.

Uni on rice
Our last savory dish was insane.  Uni, ikura, flaked crab, cucumber wasbi mayo and a soy glaze over rice.  I managed to eat half of this.  So good.

Last is always mochi.  This time we had red velvet and green tea.  Perfect amounts of sweet to end the evening.  





Comments (Archived):

  1. Susan Rubinsky

    It all looks yummy but that Sashimi platter is fantastic!!! And Happy Birthday, Josh!

    1. Gotham Gal

      Really beautiful

  2. daryn

    That entire meal looks absolutely incredible! Happy birthday to Josh, hope you all are doing well.

  3. P.K. Fields

    That looked amazing, great presentation. Of the restaurants I have been to in Park City and Deer Valley Josh’s celebration definitely a #10 way to go Mom!

    1. Gotham Gal


  4. Mario Cantin

    This is definitely way out there! Who wants to eat the same boring foods all the time? This presentation marries so many elements (art, excitement, a topic for conversation and a pleasurable tasting experience, as you’ve reported).I would be very curious to see what you’d uncover if you’d spent an extended period of time in Toronto 🙂

    1. Gotham Gal

      Have really good friends up there. I hope to get up there sooner than later.

      1. Mario Cantin

        Toronto is like a mini San Francisco; and I know this empirically: I’m currently in the SF Bay area.