and interns

I invested in Loverly in November 2011.  It has grown from a one woman shop and a developer to a significant business.  Kellee is driven, smart and passionate about the business she has grown.  I have always been impressed by her ability to plow ahead at any turn while gathering a group of smart saavy investors, advisors and employees.

She was on MSNBC this past Sunday.  It is a great piece.  I love that she has built a paid internship program for the company.  I am a big believer in paying interns too.  The value of paying someone for their work is a win win for everyone.  Harder working interns who care about the company in a very different way because they get a paycheck.  After all, free is free.  Just like investors like to see entrepreneurs put some of their own skin in the game is no different than paying someone.  Loyalty is much stronger when you get paid for your work.

Bravo to Kellee for another smart move as she continues to build Loverly.