Narcissa, The Standard Hotel

There is a Standard Hotel up the street from where we live in the West Village.  Unfortunately we have had to stay there countless times.  I have never been a fan of the food there.  It is too bad considering it is just up the street.  None of the menus ever excited me from breakfast to lunch to dinner.  I never go but perhaps they will bold enough to change horses like the Standard Hotel on the Bowery did.  

Narcissa is the restaurant at the Standard Hotel on the Bowery and John Frasier is the chef.  It is not easy putting out high quality food every night in a large restaurant.  It is an art.  Frasier has figured it out.  The dinner we had was delicious.  The vibe in the place is fun too.  Lots of different areas to sit, eat and drink.  The noise level is also just perfect.  You can feel the hum of the restaurant and you can easily talk to the people at your table.  What a concept!

We started with a variety of appetizers to share.  This is the barley risotto mixed with leeks, clams and oregano.  This is perfect.  Creamy rich and there is a shot of something spicy in there. 

Crispy rotisserie beets over some bulgar and a creamy horseradish sauce.  Loved this.  The mixture of the big red juicy beets and the tiny golden ones was delicious.  

Poached farm egg over roasted mix of mushrooms is always a good combo of flavors if done right and this was.

I am a fan of crab and am starting to see it pop up more and more in menus these days.  A crab salad mixed with hearts of palm, hazelnuts and blood oranges.  Really delicious.  Almost like a white fish dip.

This was another dish I was looking forward to (the beets was the other one).  Roasted grilled sweet potatoes mixed with jerk spices.  Really good.  Sweet, soft and spicy.

I had the Rotisserie Branzino.  They serve you the dish after fileting it then mix with arugula and some spice.  This was excellent.  Delicious, buttery and perfectly prepared.  

Fred had the pork which he raved about.  Served porchetta style over a bean ragout and broccoli rabe.  I had a bite and could have eaten the whole dish.

Our friend had the chicken although we heard mixed reviews.  It was also good.  Juicy and well done. Note how all the presentations are well done.  Simple yet elegant.  

Side dishes were also good.  I happen to love the carrot fries with the jalapeno tofu dip.

The crispy potato chips over a rich cream spinach was also a hit.  

We were treated to an insane amount of desserts.  I will hit the high notes although I believe Fred ate 3/4 of every one we were served.  Carrot cake should not have been sitting in front of me as I kept digging back in.

Rich gooey chocolate tart.

Soft tasty cheesecake too.

All and all the meal was excellent.  Honestly can hardly wait to go back.  What a great new addition to the downtown restaurant scene.  Bravo! 

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  1. William Mougayar

    Nice hearty food in the middle of a cold winter!

  2. Jeff Judge

    I love the photos in these posts. Looks like a delicious meal.

    1. Gotham Gal


  3. Laura Yecies

    Looks delicious. I have one free night in NY – will be in town visiting family over presidents weekend – would you go here?

    1. Gotham Gal


  4. AG

    Presentations are the perfect mix of thoughtful without losing the casual, homeyness. Adding it to my list.

  5. ellen

    the food looks delicious and the prices are good.

  6. pointsnfigures

    Where is the part how you and Fred hit the indoor bike the next day? (kidding)

  7. Mario Cantin

    That all looks very delicious. The presentation is spot on. Thanks for sharing. If you ever visit Toronto, it would be my pleasure to recommend an awesome place I know of that you would probably like.