I met Rick for a drink at Apothekenyc for drinks before dinner.  Felt a little bit like entering a place where I needed a special code to get in.  The place is awesome.  They were not open yet so we went to their sister place Pulqueria for a drink instead.  A great space, a good menu, delicious homemade chips and salsa and a killer jalapeno cucumber lime tequila margarita.  Going back to both of these places.

I met Fred and our friends afterward at Rosette.  A new restaurant that recenty opened up on the lower east side.  Great vibe, wonderful space and the sound level is perfect.  The chef, Nick Curtin, could not be nicer.  He saw me taking pictures and came out to introduce himself.  Recommended a few of his faves and sent out some desserts.  We split everything which is not necessarily the way to go as there is definitely an appetizer and main course selection but it was a good way to try a lot.  The food is delcious, well-prepared and creative.  

We started with the brussel sprouts.  Perfectly charred and mixed with cashews, fuji apples (which give a nice crisp bite) and a tamari lime vinegarette and small pieces of crispy quinoa.   A nice twist on the classic winter veggie.

Chicken cracklins' are probably not for everyone but I happen to think one of the best parts of the chicken is the skin.  These were like eating super crispy chicken skin mixed together with cashews and then dipped in a hot sauce.  Right up my alley.

Chicken wings are also a fave of mine.  Wood-fired with buffalo sauce.  Anything here made with the wood fire gives the dish a nice twist.

Avocados have become one of those items that are always supplied in our house.  This was a really unique way to serve an avocado.  Roasted and then covered with puffed rice, bonito flakes and a spicy chili yogurt sauce.  If were weren't sharing I would have taken a spoon to this and eaten the whole thing myself.

I also love cabbage.  It is an under-used vegetable.  He roasted the cabbage until it was really soft and used a salsify puree and cabbage marmalade (not sure how you make that) and mushed that throughout with popped buckwheat served over the top.  Really different.  A perfect side for the table to share.

Two long roasted leeks that were still crispy with a pecan butter, huckleberry jam and puffed wild rice over the top.  I like how he uses a different seasoning and a differently prepared gain on each vegetable dish.

We all split the burger.  Juicy…just like you want a cheeseburger to be.  Of course a side of crispy fries is always an added bonus.

Steak tartare isn't for everyone but I love it.  Served with sliced cucumbers and creme fraiche.

Nick recommended we try the chicken and beets so we ordered those too.  Perfectly cooked chicken that has been sliced with a side of charred farro risotto sitting in a chicken glace.  The sizes are just right too.

Wood-fired beets with bitter greens and an amazing zesty horseradish yogurt on the side.  You kind of want to make sure you have something to sop up the horseradish yogurt.

They sent out the three desserts on the menu.  Pound cake with lemon curd ice cream.  Love lemon ice cream.  Served with white chocolate, huckleberry and cashews.

Soy milk sorbet with pieces of grapefruit and a poppyseed crisp.

Roasted chocolate with hazelnut milk, birch meringue and apple ice cream.

Had a great time.  Loved the restaurant.  Happy to see more restaurant in this neighborhood spring up.  Looking forward to returning.  



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  1. Mario Cantin

    Wow, thanks for the great review! I could really visualize some of what you were describing. I want to try this restaurant next time I go to New York City. My wife is Asian and she has interesting ways of preparing an avocado, but I would never have thought of this particular approach. I really enjoy it when chefs use avant-gardist thinking in their meal preparation. And this one certainly looks like he does.

    1. Gotham Gal

      definitely avant-gardist

  2. AG

    Cabbage is so misunderstood. Have you ever tried Marcella Hazan’s smothered cabbage? She uses it in a risotto, but I make it and eat it as is, or mixed in with a multitude of other things. It’s a revelation.

    1. Gotham Gal

      Agree. Cabbage is under rated