The Perfect Score Project

Invite2_jpgDebbie Stier was in the publishing industry when I met her.  We immediately clicked.  She is smart, vivacious, sees things coming down the pike and gets the world we live in.  She was always willing to go out on a limb to publish books that she believed in.  Like an investor she saw things in people and knew how to bring the story out of them.  Impressive.  Unfortunately the industry does not know how to embrace people like Debbie and so they parted ways.   

At that point of her life she was living in Westchester with two kids as a single Mom.  Her son was just entering the SAT craze.  She decided to roll up her sleeves and figure the whole thing out.  Essentially The Perfect Score Project is a labor of love. She decided that she would go through the torturous process with her son to help motivate him and perhaps learn the tricks.  

Debbie seriously got into it.  I remember the first time she took the test.  I talked to her on the phone and asked her how she did.  She began telling me what percentile she was in.  I stopped her in her tracks.  I got right down to it and said I do not care about the percentile I want to know what was your score.  She laughed.  

She ended up taking the SAT 7 times and eventually scoring pretty damn well on English and the essay but could never get it to the point where she wanted in math.  What she learned is how to study for a test and how to do it best.  Where that gets you I am not sure except the ability to have a top tier school look at your application.

It is a book to read for any parent with a kid entering that SAT world that happens sometime around end of Sophomore early Junior year.  It is miserable but at least you can read Debbies book.  It is commendable what she did.  Through out the process she moved out of Westchester, moved to NYC, her son got into college and now she is home schooling her daughter Daisy.  

Bottom line, great Mom story.  Major kudos to Debbie!