Vengo grows

I met Brian Shimmerlik through Fred.  Fred had judged the EDC's event to find the best new idea/company of 2012.  When he told me who won and the idea I asked for an introduction.  At that point the company was named Taxi Treats with the concept of vending machines in taxis.  Ends up that is just one segment of the business opportunity.

Brian came to see me on a hot day in an oversized suit pulling a large piece of luggage.  Inside the luggage was his first iteration of the vending machine.  I was intrigued by the concept and impressed with Brian.  I told him what I thought he needed to do over the summer, keep me posted and get back to me when you are ready.  

Brian returned in early October to see me.  He had tossed the suit and walked in wearing a button down shirt over his jeans and a great pair of kicks.  He had transformed.  He had become part of the start-up world.  It was a great moment.  We talked a length about the business model and I believe I committed to the first dollar in the company that changed its name to Vengo.  

Fast forward the company has evolved into a stand alone vending machine placed in several locations ( not taxis yet ) that sell products based on the location.  There is also an advertising piece, a data piece that uses games to entice the customer who in turn receives a discount on the products. This is the next generation of vending machines.  

Brian continues to impress me at every turn

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  1. Brandon Burns

    “Brian came to see me on a hot day in an oversized suit pulling a large piece of luggage.”Thats when I met these guys, too. We were working out of NYU Poly in Dumbo. That white-painted wooden / plexi-glass contraption was the definition of unsexy. But they were clearly on to something.Then I went into the NYU Poly office last week and saw the latest vending machine. I was blown away.Its so great to see folks get to where they want to go over a period of time.

    1. Gotham Gal

      the small machine with the wraps are just awesome.

  2. pointsnfigures

    What if there is a line to use the machine?

    1. Gotham Gal

      That would be wonderful