What is a Photograph at ICP

The International Center of Photography not only has an incredible educational program they have a small gem of a museum across the street from the school on 6th Avenue and 43rd Street.  I went with Jessica to see the exhibit that is up now called What is A Photograph.  It will be up until May 4th.  I highly recommend going.  (photo by David Benjamin Sherry)

Photography continues to change as everyone is a photographer now.  Instagram, cameras in our phones, instant digital images, etc.  Yet a new generation of artists are using photography as the medium to create really interesting pieces of work that use technology, materials and light.  (light box by Owen Kydd)

The curator put together a group of artists that are doing just that.  I thought the exhibit was really interesting.  There were several younger artists as well as more mature artists in the show.  My photos are terrible because you weren't supposed to take any pics.  I broke the rules.  The book on the show is excellent too.  (photo by Matthew Brandt)

Gerhard Richter, who might be my favorite artist ever, has also manipulated photography.

Travis smalley
Travess Smalley pieces are cameraless using scanners and digital images to create his work.  

These photos are not doing the works justice.  The artists represented are below.  Go see the show

Matthew Brandt
Marco Breuer
Liz Deschenes
Adam Fuss
Owen Kydd
Floris Neusüss
Marlo Pascual

Sigmar Polke
Eileen Quinlan
Jon Rafman
Gerhard Richter
Mariah Robertson
Alison Rossiter
Lucas Samaras

Travess Smalley
David Benjamin Sherry
Kate Steciw
Artie Vierkant
James Welling
Christopher Williams
Letha Wilson

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  1. Stuart Willson

    looks great. btw, i picked up a great photo in clinton hill this past weekend.

    1. Gotham Gal

      so i heard and you made the move out there too. congrats!!

      1. Stuart Willson

        not finalized yet, but hopefully soon. grand between gates and fulton.

        1. Gotham Gal


  2. awaldstein

    thnx for the heads up on this.lifelong photography fan.for 20 years i’ve had this photo from margaret bourke white above my desk and it inspires daily.

  3. Sunchowder

    Looks wonderful! Wish I could come up to see it 🙂

  4. CCjudy

    Everyone is Not a photographer. There are photographers and there are people who take photographs. J

  5. TanyaMonteiro

    Love this, reminds me of an artist friend of mine http://chloesells.com/ she manipulates her images in the dark room with colour.

    1. Gotham Gal

      very much so.