Armory Show at the Pier

Every year at this time NYC gets a little art crazy.  It is truly overwhelming.  I did not get to everything that I wanted to see but perhaps that isn't a bad thing.  I plunged into the Armory show on the first day it opened.  It was overwhelmingly crowded with the art world but a fun day to go.  The conversations alone were worth the trip.  I took a bunch of photos of my highlights.  Here you go.

The Sean Kelly booth was excellent this year.  This cloud piece is beautiful.  Layers of etched ink glass create this unique effect.  Leandro Erlich.

This piece is made of wood and screws.  Have to hang it somewhere where there is some depth.  It is unique and I was drawn to it.  Leonardo Drew at Sikkema & Jenkins Co.

Chiharu shiota
I have been following this artist for awhile.  I missed out on a piece last year but have been corresponding with the gallery over the past year on new pieces.  Since I was early to the show I was able to buy this piece.  It was hidden in the back closet so the photo is not great.  It is a little dark but again art is personal.  Hanging cards inside wrappings of string.  Chiharu Shiota at Galerie Daniel Templeton.

This installation was great.  Each piece was sold separately with a mirror but there is definitely something for buying the entire thing.  Douglas Gordon.

I have always liked this artist, Sharon Core at Yancey Richardson.  Have yet to pull the trigger.

Always like a good chuckle when it comes to art.  Andrew OHanesian at Pierogi.  Pierogi had more than a few interesting artists.  

This like taking a snow globe and putting a whole in the wall and being able to peer into it.  Really cool.  Patrick Jacobs also at Pierogi.

Love letters to and from Beyonce by John O'Connor also at Pierogi.  I generally find if you like one artist at a gallery that you end up liking several.  Same sensibility.

This artist was in two places.  Taking off on the Richard Prince theme but cutting out the cowboy.  Jose Davila.

More than a few very cool hanging pieces.  Really loved this one.  Tomas Saraceno at Andersen's Contemporary in Denmark.

This was part of a triptech.  I found this piece really powerful.  Meleko Mokgosi painting about historical events in South Africa.  

A hand carved marble island of NYC.  It is amazing.  David Zwirner gallery.  

Martin creed
Huge fan of this.  Martin Creed at Galleria Lorcan O'Neil Roma.

Always fun to see what is happening across the art world in one big swoop.  Overwhelming but worth the effort.  The Freize has taken a bite out of the Armory show but I think this year most of the galleries rose to the occasion. 

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  1. AG

    Always fun seeing your take on art. Love the Shiota you bought.

    1. Gotham Gal

      thanks me too

  2. Siminoff

    That marble carving of NYC looks amazing.

    1. Gotham Gal

      Insane. Only a mere 400k

      1. Siminoff

        Compared to some pieces that I have seen sell for way more then that almost seems like a bargain…

        1. Gotham Gal

          if we only had a museum.

  3. pointsnfigures

    pyramid of cards–fun

  4. Yinka!

    Thanks for posting these, Joanne. Love the Leonardo Drew piece.