Lotus of Siam, Las Vegas

There is nothing like going to a wedding when you know so many of the people at the party.  A group of us who see each other in NYC got together before the first wedding get together on Friday evening for dinner.  We went to Lotus of Siam that is known for delicious Thai food.  This restaurant lasted for a few months in NYC.  Not sure why it came and went but the one in Las Vegas is certainly here to stay.  A huge restaurant located in a random strip mall about 10 minutes from the main gambling strip.  You must make reservations and you must be on time.  The place is huge and every table is taken.  The menu is tremendous but honestly the food is amazing.  Go with a big group to taste it all.  Owned by a local Thai family.  Quite the event.

We started with two different types of chicken wings and a spicy fried noodle salad.  I was a bit concerned about the garlic factor but even the food on the menu that specifically noted garlic as an ingredient did not scream garlic.  The next day I had zero after affects.  Pretty amazing.  These were the dried pepper garlic wings.

These were the chili sauce wings.  I was partial to the saucy ones but both really good. Crispy and flavorful.

Nam Kao Tod salad. Crispy noodles mixed with chilis, ginger, peanuts, cilantro and lime/sour sausage.  A good starter with lots of heat.  Watch out for some of the heat levels.  

Then the food started coming.  Spicy homemade sausages.  

Green curry with pieces of chicken.

Mixture of vegetables in a ginger sauce.

Chili basil
Braised short ribs with vegetables in a spicy sauce

Crispy garlic prawns that can be eaten whole with the shell.  Amazing

Soft shell crabs…I think.

My least favorite were the scallops.

Crispy duck in a spicy curry sauce over noodles.  This was insane.  Fave dish.

It was overwhelming.  One dish was better than the next.  I might have confused one of them. Lots of fun and if you are in Vegas…absolutely go.  We loved it 

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  1. kathryn jones

    dying (in an omg I want to eat that…. all of that…. way!!!!) looks delicious!

  2. Yinka!

    Looks amazing! If you’re still in town and like seafood, then another place you should try is Hot N Juicy Crawfish in Chinatown; spicy and fingerlicking good.

  3. P.K. Fields

    I am incredibly impressed you knew the names of all of the dishes and you could tell them apart. Also an interesting choice to leave the strip for a meal. Having worked for two of the big companies – they do everything to prevent that, except fine dinning 24/7, choices are then reduced to coffee shops and buffets.

    1. Gotham Gal

      I took a photo of the bill and figured it out.