A walk through Chelsea

There are days when I walk through a few galleries and feel compelled to buy everything.  There are others days when I walk away thinking about what I saw but zero desire to see it every day.  That is the most amazing thing about art.  How it makes you think.  It just resonates with each individual in a different way.


We started out at one of the many Zwirner Galleries on 19th Street.  The first exhibition for Zwirner with Jordan Wolfson.  A range of works from a video, photography and sculpture.  The sculpture can only be seen by appointment only which we did not realize until we got there.  He uses the Internet to produce his work which revolves around animated characters. You can interpret what you want from this show but to me it is a mixed destructive message around women, HIV, homoesexuality and poking fun at art collectors for eating it up.


Then we walked over to Bitforms Gallery.  It is a small show by Daniel Canogar around Small Data.  The installation is a mix of circuit boards and consumer electronics.  Layering the old and new showing how quickly technology is moving.  He layers light and images of new technologies over old ones.  I really liked this show.  It is hard to see but the piece in there is an old calculator.


We stopped in the Yossi Milo Gallery where we have purchased several pieces.  The current exhibit is of Matthew Brandt’s work.  We bought a piece of Matthews work two years ago.  I was impressed with the interesting direction his work has taken.  He is obviously incredibly prolific and trying to find other mediums to express himself. This show is called Excavations.  He began doing large format photographs where he took elements such as water from a lake in the photo that he used to distort the image.  Here has taken historical photographs of demolished areas of NYC layering over the actual building there now.


He also created images of fossil remains.


And the other pieces are old photographs pulled from newspaper archives of tourists where he layered on colored dots.  Worth going to see.  It is hard to believe that all three of these pieces are from one artist.


Our next stop was at Elizabeth Dee Gallery who has a small show up of Joel Otterson’s work.  This particularly piece is a memorial to his musician friend who died of AIDS.


We expected to see the Roe Ethridge exhibit at Andrew Kreps but they were just finishing off the installation from Marc Camille Chaimowicz.  A mixture of interior designs combined with prints or shown on canvases.  It blurs interior design with art.

Our last stop was the Pace Gallery on 25th Street, one of many Pace Galleries.  They had just installed the Robert Mangold exhibit.  We had actually come to see Kiki Smith which must have been the last show.

Not much rocked our boat on Saturday but always good to take a walk through the art world.

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    You didn’t drop in for a naked yoga class? 🙂 http://www.boldnaked.com/ This idea…hmmmm. We saw pics (publishable ones) and all bodies looked quite good. We doubt the reality would be the same.

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      Ha. I’m sure