Paul Bert 6

paulbert6We have been to the original Paul Bert a few times and they just opened a smaller cafe down the street.  The menu has four sections and you order from each of them, prixe fix.  Another amazing meal.

I started with the white fish carpaccio set in a light broth and thinly sliced apples.  The apples changed the entire composition of the dish.

octopusThe others had the octopus served with watercress, radishes and a light aioli.

whiteasparagusThe second course was white asparagus served with tiny peas and a light sauce and a few greens.  It yelled spring, spring, spring.

monkfishThe others had the roasted monkfish served with browned cauliflower, crispy spinach and a light curry sauce.  Both amazing.

goatOur main courses, and all of the courses are just the right size, I had the goat.  I figured why not.  Tastes a bit like veal served with roasted mushrooms and a parsnip with a hint of lemon.

guineahenThe others had the guinea hen served with roasted carrots, green asparagus, onions and a light sauce.

straberry dessertFor dessert we split it all.  Strawberries served with a biscuit that was a bit like a macaroon and a cheese tasting creme.

appleicecreamWhite chocolate served with roasted apples and rhubarb

lemoncigarThe best was the lemony sugar cigar stuffed with a lemon creme and a scoop of lemon ice cream on the side.

notredamewalkinghomeA fabulous meal.  We walked home past Notre Dame which is always breathtaking.  The walk took about an hour and when i got back to the hotel I fell into a deep sleep.