Philou in the Paris

8005439576_e4d667a232If Philou was down the street from me you might find me just sitting there a few nights a week.  The restaurant is located in the 10th Arrodissment.  The walls are made of blackboard where the menu of the day is written including the wines available.  There are tables outside and in.  The vibe is very mellow and the two guys that own and run it could not be nicer.

sardinesThe menu is a price fixe for either two or three courses.  $25 for two and $30 for three.  I began with a tomato cilantro mixture served in a small Kerr bottle with roasted sardines inside the glass.  Two pieces of toast on the side.  Lay a piece of sardine on top and then slather on the tomato mixture.  Delicious.

crabJess had the crab salad served with small round toasts that were soft like buckwheat crepe.  Underneath was a creamy sauce topped with white asparagus.  Divine.

porkFor dinner I had a lamb shoulder that had been roasted served over a bed of mushrooms and super crispy small potatoes.  Simple and just delicious.

monkfishJess had the monkfish that had been roasted and served over thin crispy pieces of white asparagus.  Also a winner.

parisbrestDessert was a must so we went for the three courses.  A paris brest which is classic french.  Delicious almond creme inside a puffed pastry pattissiere that is like a croissant.  My fave.  Jess described it as a sweet pastry bagel.

dessertWe also had an apple buttery pastry like a brioche made of puffed pastry with a mint gelato on the side and a apple creme with tiny pieces of apple.

We walked back to the 6th, which is about an hour walk, it was well needed.  A delicious meal.  Love this place.

Comments (Archived):

  1. meredithcollinz

    You’re activating my wanderlust! Looks wonderful!

    1. Gotham Gal

      This place was top

      1. meredithcollinz

        I saved the name for my next trip. thx!

  2. AG

    Great way to follow a disappointment. Just the plating style differences alone speak volumes.

  3. pointsnfigures

    That is so my kind of place. If you are in Paris, try La Cremerie, or Un Petit Vittel.

  4. Jen Bekman

    I had a wonderful dinner there during Paris Photo… delicious, mellow vibe. (Was with Christian Chaize, the photographer who’s work you own, and his French agent Jenni Holder.) Can’t wait to get back to beautiful Paris!