The explosion of creativity

images-1I could pinpoint to many reasons of why I believe there has been such an explosion of creativity in NYC and elsewhere.  There is never an exact reason but certainly the implosion of the banking industry that created high unemployment numbers had something to do with it.  Did that affect the generation that is 30 and under (under being the kids in college) or was that creativity always in their DNA?  Maybe the creativity was unleashed with the change in the economy.

I see more and more people who are building consumer product companies that get their hands dirty from jellies to ice cream.  I am seeing a surge of new fashion brands from t-shirts to bathing suits.  Even the Partnership Fund of NYC and Springboard is partnering together to create the NY Fashion Tech Lab.

If you just watch the surge of Kickstarter over the last 5 years that confirms the explosion of creativity.  The hardest part about being a creative is funding.  There is also a desire for many people to find their creative side. There are more opportunities being built and places to go and classes to take that can feed each persons creative side.  People are looking for that balance in their lives and perhaps a desire to do something that they can get up and want to do every day is empowering.

There are always opportunities in trends.  I love the trend of creativity.  Certainly the advent of tapping into the crowd to support creative efforts from consumer products to artistic projects has been one huge movement.  I have seen a few others and am looking forward to seeing more.  When your passion becomes your livelihood that is truly special.


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  1. johndodds

    I’d suggest that the rise of web-based businesses over the past decade or two has been key in putting the idea of working for yourself in the minds of people.

    1. Gotham Gal

      because you can work for yourself with the rise of technology.

      1. johndodds

        Yes, but I also think that just the example of alternative career paths (for want of a better phrase) can be enough to unleash anoher person’s creativity – even in areas that don’t really need online technology.

  2. TanyaMonteiro

    “When your passion becomes your livelihood that is truly special” – so true

    1. NicholeSmaglick

      The former CEO of Medtronic, Bill George, wrote an excellent book called Finding Your True North. In it, he explains that the rare, but very sweet spot is when your livelihood, passions and talents intersect. Most of us work in 2 of the three. Few get all three. Entrepreneurs are good at theirs passions and hopefully are open minded to work on their talents. Adding the sustainable livelihood element is often the most elusive.

    2. AG

      Incredibly true. Still, I think these days we tend to overlook the hight failure rate while glamorizing the home-run winners.A newfound appreciation for creativity is a good thing in any event.

      1. Gotham Gal

        that is probably true in any industry but these days it appears to be less of of a stigma to fail.

      2. TanyaMonteiro

        there’s always a trade off

        1. Gotham Gal

          for sure

  3. bethweinstein

    Thank you for this post! I’ve been out of work myself, having a hard time as I made a career shift the last 1.5 yrs (and to convince others to believe in me like I do). So in between job search, interviews, networking, etc, I followed my passion & dream I’ve had over 8 yrs — now my new running clothing brand is launching in a couple weeks! Exciting, a bit scary, and yes, funding is another story. But mostly exciting & feels great to follow a dream.

    1. Gotham Gal


      1. bethweinstein

        thanks! but it’s only the beginning… 😉

  4. Brandon Burns

    I had never heard about NY Fashion Tech Lab until this post. I’ve been skittish about applying to accelerators due to poor fit, but this one seems perfect. Unfortunately the deadline is passed, and the site says no late applications. Please, please, please tell me you know a way around this!

  5. JimHirshfield

    Love creativity.I think NYC has always had a strong creative streak. That is, it’s been a center of creativity for a long long time. Is there really more of it now. Or are you just seeing more of it now because of your angel investing across tech, fashion, restaurants, etc.

    1. Gotham Gal

      Maybe but I am seeing it more among the kids graduating from college too. They have jobs but they are all passionate about staying creative

      1. JimHirshfield

        Very cool.

  6. Mrbuzzboxx

    In my opinion, the rise of creativity is due to the rise of the Internet and our instant ability to create greater awareness. Trends happen so much faster than before. Big cities have always attracted the “alpha kids” who march to their own beat. Cities like NYC have traditionally been more welcoming of those who look at the world differently and do their thing. With the Internet, alpha kids can live anywhere in the world and have their creations presented via technology.

    1. Gotham Gal

      Alpha kids. Like that

      1. Mrbuzzboxx

        It was Irma Zandl’s term (founder of Xtreme in the ’90s). Just another way of saying trendsetters and early adopters as part of the product life cycle curve. Alpha kids have certain psychographics and characteristics and live everywhere.

  7. dratman

    As computers and robotics continue to take over much of the physical work in our society, and some of the intellectual work too, the fraction of the population that can earn a proper living in the conventional way will continue to decrease. As wage work continues to decline in availability, we can hope that creative work will rise in popularity and social respectability to take its place.

    1. Gotham Gal

      let’s hope so