All’onda opened in the village back in June for dinner and just recently opened up for lunch.  I met my friend for lunch there this past week and immediately made a dinner reservation after our meal.  An interesting Venetian inspired menu with Japanese influences.  The presentations are beautiful, the combination of flavors works really well and my favorite part is there is not a stitch of garlic in anything I tasted.  If there was they know how to use it.

hamachiWe started off with a few of the appetizers.  Hamachi with red kuri square, pepperocino slices on top over a soy based sauce.  Excellent little nuggets of hamachi that melt in your mouth.

carrotsricottagingerWe also tried the carrots.  A combination of red, orange and yellow carrots roasted with just a hint of cumin over a mixture of ricotta.  There is a ginger vinaigrette dripped over the top.   These are a total winner.  Must be shared by the table.

risievisiHad to try at least pasta dish.  We did the risi e bisi.  Spring pea risotto mixed with crispy pieces of pancetta and a kick of mint.  Delicious and really hard to stop after one bite.

seafoodsaladWe both had the seafood salad for lunch.  Calamari, shrimp and cranberry beans mixed with large pieces of lettuce and a warm vinaigrette.  The lettuce gets warm and the sauce wilts the lettuce.  It works just perfectly.

braisedgreensOn the side we got a bowl of braised greens that are made with ginger, shallots and plenty of butter.  I could have finished this entire bowl by myself.

grilledtrevisoWe also had grilled treviso with sliced bosc pear and shaved fontina and a light grape based syrup.  This was my least favorite of the whole meal.

Going back very soon.  Looking forward to dinner.