Ben Kweller at the Bowery

benkwellerWe have been Ben Kweller fans starting with his first album.  I actually can’t count the amount of times we have seen him perform.  Years ago we met him in front of our hotel at Austin City Limits.  Then someone I knew was connected to Ben through their wives.  He was coming to town to play and I asked be connected to Ben.  From then on Fred and I have had a friendship with Ben.

Ben is honestly one of the all time nicest individuals.  His banter with the audience this past week about being a young (13 year old) artist and how he landed his first gig was priceless.

wilson:heilmanWe spent some time with him before the concert and had a nice spot upstairs that he had reserved for us.

Really a wonderful night.  Always a treat seeing Ben.

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  1. John Revay

    It is cool that you guys are good friends w/ the Heilemann’s.I always enjoy listening to John on MSNBC – morning Joe.

    1. Gotham Gal

      quite the character.

  2. JLM

    .Ahhh, just another reason to move to the ATX – Ben Kweller and ACL.JLM.