I love Kickstarter

imgresI have decided that I have not funded enough programs on Kickstarter.  I am making a commitment to fund more for several reasons.  First of all being able to give towards a project just feels great.  Most of the time I do not care so much about getting the awards that are available but sometimes I do opt in.

I am not sure how this project caught my eye ( I think Cool Hunting) but I funded the Parke New York denim project awhile back.  It is an online denim brand based in downtown New York using premiere denim to make their jeans.  It took awhile to get the jeans and Parke continued to keep me in the loop.  I just got my jeans.  I have tried on a handful of jeans at a store and walked away empty handed.  It is not always easy to find the jeans that work for your body.  The Parke jeans are amazing.  I love them.  So glad that I found them and supported their efforts on Kickstarter.  I just ordered another pair for Fred.

My daughter Jessica just did a Kickstarter project.  Watching her go through the process with her friends was great.  What should the awards be for different levels of funding, how should we tell our story from video to writing, how much money do we need to get this done, how do we promote this to our friends and family to insure that it gets funded.  It is an art.

Kickstarter truly started a revolution when it comes to the engaging the crowd.  It is just an awesome company.

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  1. AG

    Love Kickstarter, but curious what made you purchase these jeans. Their website doesn’t give much info on what makes them unique. I actually wish there was more to convince me to buy them.

    1. Gotham Gal

      I think I read about it on Cool Hunting originally and the whole concept just interested me.

  2. awaldstein

    Kickstarter just makes me feel right.Have helped 6 friends now with everything from a Jura book (gave a copy to Fred) to a $3.5M raise to republish classic video games (my background).Giving to KS and making personal donations to animal rescue sites is my 20 minutes of activities, glass of wine in hand before I crash a few times a week.I do need new jeans as well though.

    1. Gotham Gal

      fred got his. they are really great

  3. Tracy Osborn

    Thank you again for donating to my Kickstarter! It’s passed it’s goal. 🙂 https://www.kickstarter.com

  4. elaineellis

    Two of my favorite wedding presents came from Kickstarter and I’m BLOWN away by the craftmanship of the gifts. We got state plates and a constellation blanket and I’ll love them for years. https://www.kickstarter.com… and https://www.kickstarter.com…. So much love for these creative gifts.

    1. Gotham Gal

      That’s very cool

  5. Alex Wolf

    Joanne, I agree with crowd funding platforms, Kickstarter a leader in the field, as a great way to connect to projects. My recent favorite one was a crochet coral reef project book and sadly their books were in a fire.Thanks again for supporting our campaign. We just were nominated for a design award and the board game is being released in a couple weeks.Some interesting projects coming out of Plum Alley which is a women only funding site.

  6. TanyaMonteiro

    you introduced me to kickstarter, funding that project changed my life and now im paying it forward. the concept was a revolution to me, i love what crowdfunding is creating in the world.