Kinfolk Table Cookbook and thoughts

TheKinfolkTableBookF13My friend brought Kinfolk Table Cookbook over as a gift to me for Passover.  It is an absolutely beautiful book.  It not a true recipe book but a combination of recipes, people, design and an aesthetic of the times.  The majority of the people that the cookbook writes about could have been plucked out of Denmark.  There is definitely a connection between the vibe of Scandinavia with the vibe of Brooklyn and other urban cities these days.

For all the conversation a few years back that magazines are dead has absolutely not come true.  If anything there is an explosion of cool hip design oriented magazines that are akin to literary publications that happens to come out monthly or a few times a year.  This wave of magazines has proved that publishing is far from dead.  Cherry Bombe, Kinfolk, Wilder, Travel Almanac, Sweet Paul, Modern Farmer, Monocle (the original indie mag) and Laphams to name a few.

This trend is the desire for people to not lose touch with some basics.  Not everything needs to be digital.  All of this makes me think about my 80/20 rule for ecommerce.  80% on line and 20% in brick and mortar.  There is still a desire from consumers to touch and feel their brands.  I am seeing brands reach out to a company that I am an investor in that brings the product directly to the consumer in random locations.  He has had more inbound phone calls because brands realize the power of touch.  It is not gone.  There is also the desire to be there for the consumer when they are not in the digital world.

The cookbook just started me thinking.  It is absolutely a testament to the times.  I kind of am looking forward to picking it up 10 years from now and wondering will I think this is so 2014 or will I say this book was such a reaction to the digital times and I am so glad we have figured out how to have balance between the two; offline and online.

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  1. AMT Editorial Staff

    We still read books/magazines etc. — not digital. But when it comes to shopping, we are nearly 100% digital and prefer it that way. The primary reasons: price, ease, and not spending valuable free time in a car, waiting in line etc. Now, if there is no “goal” for the shopping, than a bricks & mortar approach is preferred.

    1. Brandon Burns

      Funny you mention time in car as a deterrant to shopping. Do you live in a suburb, or if in a city not in a central area with shopping? Here in NYC, in so many neighborhoods, the streets are flooded with shoppers daily. Its the same in many cities. I doubt that will ever change.

      1. AMT Editorial Staff

        Not a suburb. San Diego — and urban San Diego. Cars are a must for the most part. We are walkable to some things, but not like if we were still living in Chicago or NYC. Then a car becomes the hassle. BUT, regardless of the car situation, I think we would prefer ordering and getting a delivery for many products esp., household items.

      2. Gotham Gal

        I doubt it too

  2. awaldstein

    As a cook and foodie, you know Mostly Martha?…Next to Big Night, to me, the best movie with food as a major character.

    1. pointsnfigures

      Like Water for Chocolate, Tortilla Soup….

      1. awaldstein

        Good ones…I find that I watch the two I mention at least once a year. Mostly Martha is a German Indie flick remade as No Reservation in Hollywood. Brooding and grey. Big Night is to me Stanley Tucci’s greatest role.

  3. andrewghayes

    Isn’t their stuff amazing? Not often cited as such but one of our true, iconic Portland brands. (Did you see their new brand, ‘Ouur’?)

    1. Gotham Gal

      I did not. Looking now.

      1. andrewghayes

        Here’s the link: just saw it on their FB page – I study their business fastidiously because they’ve made some smart moves and really like how they move in the publishing world. I haven’t seen a mention of “Ouur” anywhere else.

        1. Gotham Gal

          Me too. Looks clothing related

  4. Ken Rivera

    You are right on- there has been a massive movement happening that is both physical and digital and truly harnessing both sides effectively and beautifully. All of the brands you mentioned are doing it well in several of those ways and I know many of them well. As Mary Meeker said recently: content, community and commerce- it’s the triple threat. I know of another great brand that is poised for their next move and would love to introduce you.

    1. Gotham Gal