Kinfolk Table Cookbook and thoughts

TheKinfolkTableBookF13My friend brought Kinfolk Table Cookbook over as a gift to me for Passover.  It is an absolutely beautiful book.  It not a true recipe book but a combination of recipes, people, design and an aesthetic of the times.  The majority of the people that the cookbook writes about could have been plucked out of Denmark.  There is definitely a connection between the vibe of Scandinavia with the vibe of Brooklyn and other urban cities these days.

For all the conversation a few years back that magazines are dead has absolutely not come true.  If anything there is an explosion of cool hip design oriented magazines that are akin to literary publications that happens to come out monthly or a few times a year.  This wave of magazines has proved that publishing is far from dead.  Cherry Bombe, Kinfolk, Wilder, Travel Almanac, Sweet Paul, Modern Farmer, Monocle (the original indie mag) and Laphams to name a few.

This trend is the desire for people to not lose touch with some basics.  Not everything needs to be digital.  All of this makes me think about my 80/20 rule for ecommerce.  80% on line and 20% in brick and mortar.  There is still a desire from consumers to touch and feel their brands.  I am seeing brands reach out to a company that I am an investor in that brings the product directly to the consumer in random locations.  He has had more inbound phone calls because brands realize the power of touch.  It is not gone.  There is also the desire to be there for the consumer when they are not in the digital world.

The cookbook just started me thinking.  It is absolutely a testament to the times.  I kind of am looking forward to picking it up 10 years from now and wondering will I think this is so 2014 or will I say this book was such a reaction to the digital times and I am so glad we have figured out how to have balance between the two; offline and online.