Shulogique makes shoes

Let’s start off with complete transparency, I am an investor in Shulogique.  The company is in the process of changing the name and in many ways figuring out the direction and channel for the product.  That is the part I really enjoy.  Building the right foundation for movement forward to build the vision.

shoemeasurerWhat makes Shulogique unique is they have the ability to literally scan your foot and make a shoe from that scan.  The process is not perfect but it will be over time.  You first stand on this piece and the camera does a surround photo of your foot.

shoecomputerHere is my feet.  I moved my foot which is why one of my toes is pointing upward.  A good learning experience for the scanners because they had to do it again.

shoesThen they take all of these shoes and put you in your size and measure, play and figure out which makes the most sense and that will pair with your own foot model.  I am a size 8.  Their shoes were almost perfect for me in a 38.5 yet the widths varied on both of my feet.  I knew that but they figured it out too.

shoetreeThen I choose the fabric and shoe design and my shoe shows up at my door weeks later.  They are made in one of the largest and oldest shoe manufacturing facilities outside Madrid, Spain.

shoemirrorBefore I give the go ahead I get to virtually see my foot in the shoe

Here is what is utterly unique about the shoe.  First of all, the shoe fits your foot perfectly as it is made for your foot based on your foot.  Some women have a really hard time with shoes.  High insteps, flat feet, really narrow feet, etc.  The woman who have bought this shoe can walk around for hours and hours in a 4 inch pump.  Crazy but I have heard it and seen it straight from the women.

Nothing has really changed in the making of shoes over the past century except for the styles.  This is an amazing technology.  The ability to build something that works only for you is a joy but because of technology the costs are not ridiculous because you can make one shoe vs 600 for basically the same price.

Really excited about the opportunity here and working with the entrepreneur behind it to build this company.  If you have any interest in the shoe contact the company on their website.