The Mighty

imgres-2Someone who I have done several deals with asked me to take a look at this company.  It is called The Mighty.   My initial reaction was content is soooo hard.  We all love content as we consume it all day long but as a business it is a whole other ball game.  Then I saw The Mighty.

The Mighty was created because Mike Porath and his wife discovered issues that she was having with her pregnancy that were life changing.  They wanted a community to connect with on this.  That journey took Mike to build this site.  He comes out of the tech industry where he knows content but this is different.  This is a place where people can share their real stories that help them strengthen themselves, their community, their families  and connect through real life tales.

I can not get this site out of my head.  People are drawn to the human spirit.  It is these kind of stories that are on The Mighty that we find because they become viral through the internet.  People are drawn to them or they connect with them.  Now there is a site where they can all be housed.

Take a look at the site, would love to hear your thoughts.  This is a powerful place and I am excited about the possibilities that The Mighty can bring to the world.   I also love the tag line, the superheroes among us.